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[Review + Giveaway] Brush Teeth the Smart Way with Brush Monster

Here's sharing our detailed review of Brush Monster, with a contest to WIN the AR toothbrush set too!

If your kids run off when it’s time to brush, perhaps it’s time to snag smart tips to brush away that monster or fear for tooth-brushing!

I’m thankful that both Vera and Leroy do not squirm when it’s time to brush their teeth. In fact, tooth-brushing sometimes turn into water play. Ugh. Furthermore, we are troubled by Vera’s stained teeth despite regular brushing… Is it possible to tackle those stains in a painless yet effective manner?

smart brush monster review toothbrush
Taking care of our precious teeth is important, so having good oral care helps protect our teeth health.

It is important to cultivate healthy tooth brushing habits from young. Before making our way to the kids dental appointment, I wanted to make sure we’ve tried our best. Wouldn’t want her to start losing her teeth yet >.<

We read reviews and learned about the smart toothbrush by Brush Monster, which is designed by Samsung’s in-house creative lab, Kitten Planet. This interactive idea integrates with an App and connects to a kid electric toothbrush by Bluetooth to make brushing those pearlies fun. Here’s sharing our review and experience with Brush Monster!

kids guide to brushing teeth
Kids can see which part to brush, and follow the virtual toothbrush to clean their teeth.

Most parents who try out games want to encourage their kids to brush their teeth diligently by making it exciting. For us, we were hopeful about trying out smarter ways to get cleaner teeth, and this smart Brush Monster technology sounds like a promising option.

Why is Brush Monster a smart trick for parents?

Brush Monster is the first Augmented Reality (AR) toothbrush for kids. After launching its Android App in Oct 2016, the AR app received great success with cleaner teeth and positive reviews from parents.

The underlying essence of Brush Monster is in understanding children. Kids love to play, and with this smart electric toothbrush, Brush Monster turns mundane tooth-brushing into play time with quirky characters.

Interactive toothbrushing app for kids
Leroy gets a cap as he checks out his selfie while brushing his teeth. Interactive fun time during toothbrushing? Yes!

What’s more, kids get to take selfies with its face recognition feature, and there are dental reports to check your child’s brushing progress. This interactive way of encouragement involves the kids in saving the world from those gross bacteria (those green monsters!) too! All play detected – plus, the kids get virtual stickers after every oral care session!

Our review of the smart Brush Monster AR toothbrush set

With 2 children super eager to use the electric toothbrush with the Brush Monster App, I had to manage their enthusiasm, no less! HA!

With just one toothbrush body, there are colour-coded anti-bacterial toothbrush replacement refill heads to interchange for both kids easily. Vera chose pink, and Leroy chose blue :P

children toothbrushing tips and tricks
I’m all ready to start brushing with Brush Monster! I wonder which character I’ll get to be today! :P

How to use the Brush Monster App

  1. Simply download the Brush Monster app from the App Store or Google Play, create an account and insert 1 AAA battery.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your smart device, go to the Brush Monster App and create up to 3 profiles.
  3. Start the game and wait for instructions to press the grey button so the device syncs with the electric toothbrush. This step is necessary so that you can view their dental report after each brush session. Silly mummy missed out this step during the first week of using it, so we couldn’t observe how clean their teeth were *oops*

How does Brush Monster support positive oral habits?

smart brush monster app
Brush Monster takes kids through these 6 steps during a toothbrushing session. Kids are encouraged to do them independently.

With the activated brush motion sensor, the toothbrush vibrates so they can “feel” the toothbrush working to remove banish the green monster!

Both kids were really intrigued by the cute props that appear on their heads with the selfie images! It’s a different character each time they brush, so a surprise unveils every time!

fun ways to healthy brushing habits
Brushing our teeth can be interactive, engaging and fun, thanks to the smart AR tech by Brush Monster Singapore.

With visual cues, kids can see which section of their teeth to brush, thanks to a virtual toothbrush movement and oral instructions. Both audio and visual cues are prominent to help kids listen and brush accordingly.

The instructions are clear, and straightforward enough for three-year-old Leroy to follow. To start, he would touch the screen to embark on the tooth-brushing routine. Armed with vibrant graphics to show that he needs to rinse his mouth with a cup, it was easy to follow the steps of what needs to be done from start to end of this routine.

smart Brush monster for kids
With visual and auditory instructions, 3-year-old Leroy follows the guide on what to do during the toothbrushing session :)

There are 16 sections (WOW! That many?!) to brush, with a 10-sec timer for each area. Hence, the kids do take longer than usual to brush more carefully and mindfully. As they can get quite excited, I’m also worried that my mobile phone would end up on the floor, or soaked. But it was easily sorted after trying to place it at different areas – on top of the toilet seat cover, on top of the toilet cistern and at the sink.

Parents can also choose from different languages including English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. If you’re thinking of getting the Brush Monster augmented reality toothbrush kit as a gift, the language options make it more versatile.

How to tell if your kids are brushing their teeth correctly?

That’s where the dental reports come in! Here’s the “bad” dental report:

smart Brush Monster shows dental report
This is how a “bad” dental report looks like! Yellow colour indicates that Vera’s teeth were not brushed properly, thanks to the smart Brush Monster AR technology.

With the mapping in yellow, it means those surface areas weren’t cleaned properly. As parents, we can guide them to reach those areas for a more effective brush. YES to cleaner, brighter smiles and improved oral hygiene! :D

good dental report after brushing teeth with smart brush monster app
Leroy checking out Vera’s dental report – and we did much better this time! YAY to a “good” dental report as mummy could guide her after seeing the yellow coloured areas from the “bad” report. We paid more attention to the different toothbrushing guide to ensure more sparkly stars were achieved!

I like the fact that thanks to technology, we can “see” if the kids brushed well or not with the daily dental reports. Also, if they brushed well, the screen animates the good job with sparkly stars and sounds. These offers affirmation to the kids that they did great! And, we managed to get a “good” dental report too! We’re on our way to whiter teeth!

Where can I buy these smart Brush Monster toothbrush kits?

Simply order directly from Brush Monster Singapore, or purchase at these online and offline shops.

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smart brush monster bundle review giveaway
Read our review and experience after using Brush Monster? Now, it’s your turn to WIN a set of the Brush Monster bundle for your kids!

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Parents in Singapore, do you use smart technology like the Brush Monster App? Do share your clever tips on getting your kids to brush their teeth without tears!

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