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#LeroysCarniva1: Celebrating Leroy’s First Birthday!

Birthday parties are always so much fun, because that means we celebrate our blessings and commemorate a new milestone as a family!

It was somewhat easier this time round (seasoned parents or lazy parents? :P), as we pretty much kept things simple. The fear of shortchanging Leroy was there… You know what they say…. so we made sure there was no “preferential treatment” or “bochup-ness” in that sense. Since, we’ve done it before, and we’ve got these party planning tips here, planning Leroy’s first birthday was pretty manageable!

When we learned about Bove Moments Event Hall at the newly opened Bove, a one-stop maternity and parenthood experiential store by Spring Maternity, we were sold!

Well, it’s not easy to get an affordably-priced, versatile space that can hold 100 pax seated, or up to 150 pax standing. While hotel function rooms are nice to have, they aren’t really pocket-friendly; unless of course, budget is not an issue :P

At Bove, we did up the space freely within the 1,600sq ft, crafting out sections for a dessert table with a backdrop (customised order from Etsy!), kids activity corner, play area, area for Lou Hei (it was CNY day 8!) and there were plenty of benches for our guests to sit as well as a couple of high tables that came with the space.

celebrate kids birthday party venue in Singapore
Come in!

Party Fun – Activities for Kids

This time round, we skipped doing our own piñata which we did for Vera. DIY-ing can be fun (tutorial here!), but there were loads going on at both work and at home, so we decided to purchase one from a shop at Marine Parade when we were getting treats as pinata-fillers.

#1: Pinata Bonanza

celebrate kids birthday party venue in Singapore
All eyes on the pinata! Leroy makes his debut strike :P

Space was a luxury, and it was easy to accommodate activities for different groups of guests during Leroy’s party. Yay-ness!

celebrate kids birthday party venue in Singapore
Little V gets her turn on the pinata too!

Time to hit our way to treats and more, kids! PINATA TIME! Love that the kids were super excited to collect their loots – healthy snacks, stationery, slime, pocket card games, and more!

#2: Kiddie Activity Corner

Parents who wanted to keep their kids entertained, that’s what this Kiddie Activity Corner was for! Colouring pages and simple craft work were put together in mind for toddlers, preschoolers and primary school go-ers.

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Can't believe it's been a month since we celebrated Leroy's first birthday at #leroyscarniva1 🎪🎉 . Looking through these party videos and photos sends a fuzzy feeling through, and we are thankful for the love and blessings from our friends and families. Glad their kids at fun at the Kiddie Activity Corner during the party too! Hope no one minded the simple arrangement of colouring pages for toddlers and craftwork for preschoolers and primary school goers 😁 . Glad to utilise the event hall effectively to carve out different sections for various activities and games! Still can't believe we made our guests compete for shopping vouchers by making them run around the store 😂 So, what's your fave element at a party? 🎈

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Party Games – Activities for Families

As for family games, yours truly had a crazy idea to organise a Treasure Hunt – thankfully, the kind folks at Bove gave their blessings! Our excited guests went scrambling around Bove, touring, shopping and hunting as clues took them to complete their tasks! Haha! Gotta say, our friends were really spontaneous!!

It was posted it on Facebook LIVE (friends can view it freely!), so here’s the Instagram Story to watch the game in action!

And, congratulations for being so onz! The 3 teams who completed their tasks accurately within the shortest possible time won $100 Bove shopping vouchers each! Looks like they’re all ready to shop for some family essentials!

celebrate kids birthday party venue in Singapore
THANK YOU for being so sporting when it came to playing party games! :P

As part of our carnival theme, we handed out the Best Dressed Prize to the best dresser! Thank you for making effort to dress to the theme! And, mama J won herself a cash Ang Bao! :p Double win for her family for being so sporting!!! ;)

Party Food – Buffet Catering + Dessert Table + Lou Hei

What’s a party without food? As foodie folks, we prefer food that’s a little different from the usual catering buffet menu. And, since we had Western fare at Leroy’s full month party, this time round, we went with an Asian palate.

The Private Kitchen is Bove’s catering partner for events held at Bove, and we were pleasantly surprised to learn that they offer healthier options with no MSG, low salt and fats! What’s more, The Private Kitchen is part of The Natal Kitchen, a homegrown confinement food caterer which serves up nutritious confinement food to new mums. Sounds nourishing and hearty!

Here’s a sneak peek of what our guests had at #LeroysCarniva1 – how did the food fare? Was it like the usual buffet catering in Singapore? Stay tuned for our review!

We were expecting about 20 kids or so, and as parents ourselves, we were pretty skewed in our planning to make sure we had baby-friendly snacks (I made sure to indicate that with a baby icon on those food tags. Haha! I can’t help it.) on our dessert table. We also did some simple DIY preps like popcorn cones and Chocolate Banana Pops since we had a carnival theme! Dessert table food had to align with the theme too, right? :P

celebrate kids birthday party venue in Singapore
TA-DAH! Presenting, our simple DIY dessert table for Leroy’s first birthday! #LeroysCarniva1 :)

You’d probably also notice that the lighting at this area and certain parts of the hall are slightly dimmed – so that’s something to note during photo-taking.
Additional tip: There’s a huge ceiling-to-floor mirror directly opposite this wall, which might also be an option. However, do check on the lighting too, as it’s located away from the entrance.

celebrate kids birthday party venue in Singapore
Thank you for cracking your heads over Leroy’s birthday cake! We’ve been ordering our cakes from Mess with Cake, and this time round, this mama puts together a carnival cake, finishing it off with meticulously handcrafted horses on a carousel by mama at Ice a SugarCakes!

Just check out this magnificent customised birthday cake for Leroy! Thank you mummies XL and I for putting together this masterpiece! We’ve been ordering our cakes from Mess with Cakes even when Vera was baking in me, and we’ve gotten cake pops from Ice a SugarCakes for Vera’s first party too – read this!

We ended our day of fun with Yu Sheng, and a round table was certainly symbolic in getting our family and friends join in freely! Cheers to a Huat Huat Year, everyone!

celebrate kids birthday party venue in Singapore
Tossing Yu Sheng as part of Leroy’s birthday celebration! Well, it’s CNY, and every reason to celebrate with our family and friends!

Family-friendly Amenities at Bove

Besides the spacious venue, one of the key reasons why we had our party at Bove was…. simply because there are family-friendly amenities within the store! Yup, you read right! And, why would that be important?

It might sound like a teeny detail, but if your party includes babies and toddlers, this extra element would make a big difference when it comes to convenience.

celebrate kids birthday party venue in Singapore
“Hey mum! We forgot to change my diaper!!”

There’s a Diaper Changing Station, access to hot and cold water at the Milk Preparation Station, wash basin area… all in good condition, and clean too! Best of all, guests need not walk out too far to get to these (outside the store, within Suntec City), or be greeted with nasty-smelling diaper changing rooms.

celebrate kids birthday party venue in Singapore
Breastfeeding mums can nurse their babies or express their breastmilk in the comfort of the lactation room at Bove.

If guests are breastfeeding mums who prefer some privacy, there are lactation rooms within Bove and mums are welcomed to use them! No questions asked, even if you’re just walking into the store looking to pump (there’s free rental of hospital grade breast pumps too!) or breastfeed your baby, you can do so in the comfort of their lactation room. I’ve personally used the room myself on a work day, and it was one of the best nursing rooms in a mall! There’s also a portable Bio-Cair sanitizer available for mums to use before and after milk expression or breastfeeding their baby – and these little details are a pretty great deal if you ask me. Definitely takes a breastfeeding mum to know the needs of another :)

It’s like going to someone’s home for a party, knowing you are in good hands. Especially for our guests with babies and young children, diaper changes could be done quickly without parents zipping out to the nearest toilet (which is next to Toys’R’ Us, or level 1). Or, if you need hot water for your baby’s milk, just help yourself to it without feeling embarrassed because you didn’t pay for a cup of coffee. It’s all good!

In-store Facilities & Equipment Rental at Bove

With families in mind, Bove takes steps to create positive experiences by offering rental for strollers, carriers, car-seats / booster seats, baby cots and baby baskets. For working parents, there’s also co-working space plus FREE WIFI too – just so you know! :P

Getting to Bove

Planning a party also means understanding how your guests will be commuting. Would it be convenient for them? Will they have trouble hunting for the place and go around in circles? Getting an easily accessible venue minimizes anxiousness in guests too, making it stress-free for them especially with families. Their hands are full of kids, diaper bags, strollers and carriers, right? Oh, and what about the older folks?

Located right at the doorstep of Promenade MRT station, there’s also plenty of parking space (don’t worry, it’s AWAY from the convention hall areas) at Suntec City Tower 4, where Bove is located.

We had seniors who came via public transport and some who drove, and we were really glad that they didn’t have trouble getting to Bove. Except for the fact that some guests were a little apprehensive about stepping into a retail store for a party (completely expected!), so what might help would be a party signage at the store front as assurance for guests to step right in!

To make it affordable for families, rental at Bove is pretty reasonable considering its versatile space, amenities and location.

Usual rates: $380/3-hr slot, upon catering through Bove.

Till our next party! Just in case, you’re planning for your baby’s full month party, first birthdays, or just a bunch of mums who wanna hang out together, here are the details!

Address3 Temasek Boulevard #02-728/729/730 Suntec City Mall (Tower 4) Singapore 038983

Phone: +65 6966 4757

Getting to Bove:

By MRT: Take Downtown Line or Circle Line to Promenade MRT. Take Exit C and enter Suntec City Mall via the covered walkway. Take the escalator to Level 2 and you will see Bove to the left of MacDonald’s.

By Bus: Take any of the bus services 36, 97, 106, 111, 133, 502, 518 or 857 to Suntec Suntec Convention Center. Enter Suntec City Mall and walk towards East Wing Red Zone. Take the escalator to Level 2 and you will see Bove on your left.

By Car: Enter Suntec City Mall level B1 carpark via Entrance F. Turn left and head towards Lobby S marked by Lions or Monkeys on the pillars. Take the lift at Lobby S to level 2. You will see Bove on your left as you enter the mall.

View location maps here.

It’s always fun planning our kids’ parties! Do you have any party planning tips to share with fellow mums and dads too?

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  1. Belated Happy Bday to Leroy! The party seems to be the perfect one…Bove is a great venue.

    1. Haha it’s value-for-money!! $380/3-hr party slot, plus all those family-friendly amentities (especially helpful for those with young kids), convenient location and versatile space for easy planning. It was hard to find a space that could fit 100 guests comfortable for us, so this was our best bet that didn’t cost an arm too! Go check out the venue! :)

  2. Wow! The place is very well thought out for us to hold kids parties! Thanks for sharing, probably can start planning for Bubba’s 6 year old birthday party there!

    1. Such nice initiatives for families, isn’t it?? Yeah, go check out the place and you can start party planning peps soon! When is his birthday? :)

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