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Combi Lends a Hand to Help New Mums + Giveaway!

Hands up if you love multi-purpose products that offer more bang for your buck! As a mum of two young children, our home is looking pretty much like a childcare centre, what with their toys and child-related products cluttering beautifying our space.

Understandably, multi-functional products that promise to take a child across various stages often win our hearts. That means we get to enjoy the product mileage with its longer life span, which caters to different needs.

I’ve seen these Combi Parenting Stations at baby fairs, and read about their claims of being able to lull a baby to sleep in minutes. It sounds amazing, and it beats having an adult to rock or pat our babies – grow, biceps, grow! Why didn’t we discover this when we had Vera, the professional nap striker!?

Well, what exactly is a parenting station?

Combi understands that parents appreciate multi-purpose products and that led to the development of parenting stations. A parenting station hosts 4-in-1 functions: a day bed, a change table, a swinging bed and a high chair. Simply put: Parents need only one product instead of buying four, and they save space too. How thoughtful is that!

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We put the Combi Joy Parenting station to the test with 10-month old Leroy, to see how it fits into our family’s lifestyle!

#1: As a High Chair

Since Leroy has started solids, we’ve been putting him in a high chair so he associates it with meal times. Of course, this boy won’t sit in the high chair ALL THE TIME. There are times when he would prefer to sit on our laps and be fed. Kids…..!

Doesn’t he look comfy there??

Combi parenting station baby products review Singapore
“Look ma! My new throne!” Leroy’s little bum takes a seat in the Combi Joy Parenting Station for the first time.

With the Combi Joy Parenting Station, we could easily adjust the back rest accordingly. There are grooves, and is easily adjusted with a push of a button, locking the preferred angle in place.

Combi parenting station baby products review Singapore
Select the preferred back rest angle for the Combi Joy Parenting Station, and lock it in place before placing baby in.

After putting your baby in a high chair, always ensure that the seat belts are fastened, wheels are locked, and the back rest is in an upright position for meals.

Combi parenting station baby products review Singapore
A high chair for meals, tea break or a comfy seat to enjoy some telly time?

Since the Combi Joy Parenting Station (high chair) can take the weight of a four year-old, or up to 15kg, that means big sister, V, can use it too! With the height adjustable seat and foot rest, the high chair can easily accommodate a taller child too.

#2: Play Chair

With an active bub who loves putting everything into his mouth, we are always on high alert when he’s busy crawling and exploring the house.

The headache comes when we need to step away – with him out of sight and complete silence in the house, we pretty much run up and down just to check on him.

So if we need to be in the kitchen to cook or prepare food, Leroy is usually at the play area. Putting him in the Combi Joy Parenting Station offers him a new view, while he stays entertained and is within sight. He gets to play with the toy bar, which keeps curious kids engaged. We rotate with toys and books that are placed on the large tray, and he’s definitely happy to see us in action too!

Combi parenting station baby products review Singapore
“Is that my lunch, mummy? Someone is watching us in action, while seated comfortably in the Combi Joy Parenting Station just outside the kitchen.
Combi parenting station baby products review Singapore
Well, this young man is trying to read… anything that keeps him safely entertained is good for us while we get busy!

#3: Diaper Change Table

When preparing baby’s nursery, many parents look for a diaper changing station, where diapering or dressing up baby after bath is usually done standing. Those are also bulky, and take up space as a fixture in baby’s nursery.

For us, we usually do it on the single bed that’s in the nursery with the diapering essentials placed on it, while sitting. But when someone else’s needs the bed, the extra hassle means we will have to remove everything to free up the space. Since Leroy is getting really quick and equally inquisitive these days, we prefer to change him on the bed or on the mattress on the floor.

With a separate diaper change table that’s portable, parents can move it wherever and whenever. If you prefer sitting (especially for older folks who prefer a lower height to manage baby during diaper changes), the Combi Joy Parenting Station allows that. Anddddd, should there be ‘accidents’ during diaper changes, we only need to clean that station (which has waterproof fabric!), instead of having to remove the bed sheet to wash.

Thanks to its compact size, the Combi Joy Parenting Station takes up less space than a regular diaper changing station! With its multi usage, it need not stay in the room all the time, making it perfect for parents who prefer to keep baby’s nursery neat and simple. Safety is important, so do ensure wheels are locked during use. If your child is active and loves to flip and turn (like Leroy!), do take precautions to ensure baby is safe.

#4: Day bed + Swing bed = Infant bed

A point to note though (which is also stated in their instruction manual): the infant bed should only be used up to 6 months old, with infant weight between 2.5kg – 8kg, or below including clothes; and baby’s height should be 70cm or below.

As Leroy has outgrown the infant bed, we did not try out this function. With a newborn, this would be great to use, especially during the day when you need to move around the home, and still want to keep an eye on your baby. Learning lesson? Stretch that dollar by getting the product during the earlier stages of your child!

As with babies, always ensure adult supervision during use of product, even when baby is sleeping.

What are the features of the Combi Joy Parenting Station?

This multi-functional product boasts several features all rolled into one, making it convenient for parents – no need to shop for several products that take up space in the home.

  • Washable toy bar with squeaky toy and mix materials to encourage tactile stimulation
  • Comfy seat cushions – waterproof, reversible, detachable and washable for easy cleaning after meals
  • Manual swinging to rock baby to sleep i.e. no extra batteries needed
  • Four swivel automatic rubber wheels with lock provides mobility
  • Patent-pending side opening baby pallet
  • One touch 5-point seat belts to keep baby fastened
  • Height adjustable seat for different children’s heights
  • 5 adjustable angles connected to the foot rest for comfortable setting

Suitable for: 0 Months to 48 Months (up to 15kg on the high chair setting)
Retail price: $399.00, 1-year warranty

I feel like I’ve missed out a good part of the functions of this Combi Joy Parenting Station, since both our kids are not able to try out the swing bed. Guess that means I need to have another newborn to maximise usage, eh? :P


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Parents, what are some of your favourite multi-functional products for your babies? Do share what they are too!

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