The HOOting Post is a Contributor on the Other THP – The Huffington Post, that is!

After weeks of keeping things under covers, I’m happy to share some news! I’ve been invited to be a contributor on The Huffington Post!!! It’s truly an amazing honour for me, and I’m immensely thankful for the privilege and opportunity to collaborate with this American powerhouse!

This surprise is definitely an exceptional one – their panel of contributors is made up of key opinion leaders, industry experts, celebrities, politicians, policy experts among others. I’m just a teeny tiny content creator, and this is truly a pat on the back for me.

Here’s the link to my article on The Huffington Post – and this was the original article on The HOOting Post :)

The HOOTing Post is officially a contributor on The Huffington Post!!
The HOOTing Post is officially a contributor on The Huffington Post!! :D

I guess, this shall be a post on thankfulness, and how things have come.

I’ve never thought I would be writing on public platforms, including my own blogazine. In fact, I’ve never dared consider myself as a writer or a linguistic person because I’ve had friends who are far better with words than I am.

So I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities and blessings that have come my way. My love for writing started late (yeah, I’m a late bloomer, IF I’ve even bloomed at all. LOL.), and it was through a particular interview that got those brains ignited with concepts and words with a challenge to put together an advertisement for a home appliance distributor. I didn’t even know a hoot about copywriting, advertising or hobs, mixers and washing machines for that matter. I was pretty much thrown into an ocean of unknown.

That was my interview for my first real job after graduation. Pretty much a clueless chicken armed with a degree, went for an interview in an industry I never thought I would ever step into (Back then, I didn’t even cook  – except when it was nearing Home Economics exams and instant noodles!). I knew I wanted to be in marketing and do all sorts of different things so my day was varied (read: constantly stimulated with a plethora of elements). But home appliance? Gosh.

Surprisingly, I got the job (Thank you, Teresa. I’ll always remember this.), and my exposure to communications grew, and one thing led to another. Throughout my decade of career, my pencil text and typed words have travelled the world into the hands of global consumers, business partners and more. BIG thank you to my ex-bosses and team mates who believed in me. *blessed*

If you’ve read my story of my little magazine dream, and how The HOOting Post was birthed during a particularly stressful job, you would understand why I’m stretching myself with this silly passion.

It takes more than just hard work, effort and time to put articles together – time which I could have otherwise spent with K, Vera and Leroy; time which I could have taken to sleep to relieve that forever sleep debt; time which I could have done something more useful. There’s just no denying that writing on The HOOting Post keeps me sane amidst the commitments and roles, and the struggles no one else sees, so this outlet was really more to keep myself going.

To K, Vera and Leroy who are my infinite sources of motivation – thank you for letting me indulge in this bo liao hobby, wasting time, money, rushing to events together, being my #instagramhusband, and subjecting my poor eyes to blue light even in the dark. It’s crazy, I know. But I guess, this unconditional love for writing would not have grown without you, my human loves.

And I’m SO SO SO thankful for all the encouragement and support from family, friends, clients, strangers… and definitely the readers who take time to read, click, and send emails and messages my way. Thank you for your presence in my adventures :)

The HOOTing Post is a contributor on The Huffington Post!!
Thank you for the love, The Huffington Post! <3

Today, I’d like to send my heartfelt gratitude to YOU – yes, the one reading this.

Last but not least, THANK YOU again, to The Huffington Post, for letting my year round up on an extra sweet note!

Time is short. We need to know what we’re living our time for, and why we are doing so. Life has no time for naysayers to get us down, but instead, we keep moving to propel forward. At the end of time, our happiness is self-created, and being true to oneself is a step towards time well-spent. Time to make happy memories with those who matter :)

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