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Have a Splash at Kidz Amaze SAFRA Punggol

Media Invite

Children in Singapore just got luckier!

With the first ever indoor water playground right on our sunny island, kids from 18 months young can enjoy water fun without parents worrying about sunburn. Well, parents and adults who prefer to stay away from the blazing sun will be happy to know that this sheltered playground does not equate to any less fun either!

We were invited to their Media Event when it was newly-opened, and little V enjoyed herself with the activities lined up for us.

Pizza-Making at Pizza Hut

Our little Chef had her very first hands-on experience making her own pizza at Pizza Hut, one of our favourite pizza place for that unforgettable aroma we grew up sniffing!

All the kids were so excited when we were there, and it was such a sight! Nearly 20 eager beavers were grinning and chattering away in anticipation :P

We were so afraid that little V would refuse to participate since it was quite a large group, but we were pleasantly surprised when she started dancing around. Looks like someone was more than ready to start!

Splash Kidz Amaze Safra Punggol indoor playground

Splash Kidz Amaze Safra Punggol indoor playground

Splash Kidz Amaze Safra Punggol indoor playground

So we started to get down to work! Someone was reaallllllyyy serious…

And when we told her it’s not ready to be eaten yet, she decided to sneak some cheese into her tummy instead!  @.@

Splash Kidz Amaze Safra Punggol indoor playground

Craft Session at Splash @ Kidz Amaze  

Spreading across 24,000 sq ft, Splash @ Kidz Amaze offers a day of fun in their “Enchanted Deep Sea” indoor water playground.

Check out the amazing sights at the water wonderland! They look like so inviting, and kids are bound to have a whale of a time on those slides too!


Housed within Splash @ Kidz Amaze, there are multiple play decks, five slides and a themed splash pad. With party rooms conveniently nestled within the playground area, it makes birthday parties much cooler! More information on parties and events here.

Looks like this water play escapade at SAFRA Punggol promises tons of splashing fun for children from 18 months to 13 years old. #WhereFunFlows

Read reviews from fellow parents such as BumbleBeeMum, Ashlyn Thia and CheekieMonkie :)

Free Jelly Fish Making activity for kids is available on weekdays (Tuesday to Friday) at the following time slots for the month of May:

2.00pm to 3.00pm
5.00pm to 6.00pm
More information here.

And the little kids enjoyed a craft session putting together their very own jellyfish that day!

Little V was focused and determined to make a pretty jellyfish too – I love that look in her eyes <3

Splash Kidz Amaze Safra Punggol indoor playground

Splash Kidz Amaze Safra Punggol indoor playground

Splash Kidz Amaze Safra Punggol indoor playground

And, our little sweetie is a certified Little SAFRA Punggol Explorer! :D

SAFRA Punggol houses something for everyone in the family – from fun activities, enrichment classes to dining options and fitness facilities! No guessing many families will be spending their weekends there too.

If you’re planning to check out Splash @ Kidz Amaze at SAFRA Punggol, do note to skip their maintenance days as the place will be closed to public: 16 May, 20 June, 18 July, 22 August, 19 Sept, 17 Oct, 21 Nov, 19 Dec.

Splash Kidz Amaze Safra Punggol indoor playground
Admission rates for Splash @ Kidz Amaze SAFRA Punggol.

Operating Hours:
Mon – Thu, 10am – 8pm
Fri – Sun, Gazetted Public & School Holidays, 10am – 9pm

Find more information on Splash @ Kidz Amaze SAFRA Punggol here. #SAFRAPunggol

Our little Chef couldn’t wait to tuck into her very first DIY pizza too! YUMS! :P

We hope to have a go at Singapore’s very first indoor water playground some time soon! In the meantime, we’re pretty sure your kids are gonna love it!

Have you visited Splash @ Kidz Amaze at SAFRA Punggol yet? Do share your favourite highlight of this indoor water playground with us!

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