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YES to Free Diapers, Formula & Maternal Milk in Singapore!

It is possible to receive FREE diapers and formula milk for babies in Singapore!

Raising young kids include spending a fair bit on diapers and formula milk powder. Be savvy parents and claim your free samples!

We’ve put together a comprehensive list that includes where to get FREE diapers for your newborn (tape diapers) and toddlers (tape diapers). In addition, FREE formula milk for your babies and toddlers. Did you know there is also FREE maternal milk for pregnant and lactating mums too?

Trying out the diaper sizes and absorbency helps parents to find out if a certain brand or size fits best for their child. I’ve personally bought packs of diapers which my kids end up having red, itchy skin after using, and we had to stop using so that was pretty wasteful :(

As for maternal milk for mummies, some brands have more than 1 flavour. For formula milk (also known as follow-on milk) developed for children, do note that Stage 1 infant formula milk samples are NOT available as the World Health Organization (WHO) supports and encourages breastfeeding for the first six months. Hence, companies and brands are not allowed to promote the use of Stage 1 formula milk, including samples in Singapore.

Families in Singapore who sign up for these free diapers and formula milk powder can expect to wait from 2 – 4 weeks for the items to be delivered. Have a happy pregnancy and happier pockets, mummies and daddies!

Free baby diapers and milk samples in Singapore

How to redeem free Diapers and Formula Milk for Kids in Singapore?

Parents can select the diaper sizes that fit your child, or even pant diapers which are useful for toddlers during potty training.

Do note that the different diaper brands in Singapore may have a different classification of sizes by weight. Cuttings may also differ for the same weight range. Hence, the fit for your child may diff from your friend’s kids too.

Free Bosomi and Babioniq diaper samples

Bosomi tape diaper sizes: New born (up to 5kg), Small (5-8kg), Medium (7-11kg), Large (10-14kg) and Extra large (Over 13kg).

Bosomi pants diaper sizes: Large boys/girls(10-14kg) or Extra Large boys/girls(Over 13kg).

Drypers diaper samples

Free Drypers range includes Wee Wee Dry Newborn, Wee Wee Dry, Drypantz, Drynights and Drypers Touch.

Drypers diaper sizes: Newborn (up to 5kg), Small (3-7kg), Medium (6-11kg), Large (9-14kg), Extra Large (XL 12-17kg) and Extra Extra Large (XXL 15-25kg).

Free Huggies diaper samples

Huggies tape diaper sizes: Newborn (up to 5kg), Small 3-8kg), Medium (7-11kg) or Large (10-14kg)

Huggies pants diaper sizes: Medium (8-12kg), Large (10-14kg) or XLarge (13-18kg)

Kao Merries diaper samples

Merries tape diaper sizes: Newborn (up to 5kg), Small (4-8kg), Medium (6-11kg), Large (9-14kg) and XL (12-20kg).

Merries pants diaper sizes: Medium (6-10kg), Large (9-14kg) or XL (12-22kg).

SENSI baby diaper samples

*Request for a Free Sample by contacting +65 6100 3427 or email to

SENSI baby tape diaper sizes: Newborn ‘NB’ (<5 kg), Small ‘S’ (3-8 kg), Medium ‘M’ (8-11 kg), Large ‘L’ (9-14 kg) and Extra Large ‘XL’ (12-17 kg).

SENSI baby pant diaper sizes: Small ‘S’ (3-8 kg), Medium ‘M’ (7-12 kg), Large ‘L’ (9-14 kg) and Extra Large ‘XL’ (12-17 kg).

Free Formula Milk for Children in Singapore + Maternal Milk for Pregnant Mums:

*Do note that these brands have their own Baby/Mummy Clubs too, so you will be on their mailing list for updates or subsequent formula milk samples/baby weaning sets (e.g. Nestle) for your baby when your child is almost 6 months old. Based on records, brands may call to check if they can send you the next stage of formula or weaning set.

Tip for mummies: Free formula milk powder and maternal milk samples may either be in tins or sachet packs which are convenient for travelling too.

Abbott Similac: Choose from Similac (Stage 2), Gain IQ (Stage 3) and Gain IQ Kid (Stage 4) for kids and Similac Mum for pregnant & breastfeeding mums.

Anmum Materna/Lacta: Request free samples of maternal milk available in chocolate and vanilla. (website seems to be down during the time of update)

Aptamil Advantage: Pick from Stage 2, Stage 3 or 4 for Aptamil. (Aptamil membership includes a card for parents and kids to enjoy discounts at merchants.)

Blackmores: Request for a free Blackmores Toddler Milk Drink Stage 3. *At time of update, the sample redemption has closed till further notice.

Bellamy’s Organic: Fill up this form to get free samples of baby products including free formula milk powder in Singapore.

Dumex Mamil Mama, Mamil Gold Formula Milk: Claim free samples of Dumex Mamil Gold Stage 2, 3, Stage 4, Dupro and Dugro growing up milk and Mamil Mama maternal milk.

Einmilk: Get a free Baby Starter Pack which includes a tin of Einmilk Stage 2 or 3 delivered to your home in Singapore. Member benefits include Einmilk baby birthday surprise, pre-sales and special event invites.

Enfamil, Enfamama A+ & Enfagrow A+: Receive Enfamil stage 2, Enfagrow A+ Stage 3, Stage 4 and Stage 5, as well as Enfamama A+ for pregnant mummies in Singapore.

Friso Mum Gold, Friso Gold Formula Milk: Select samples for Friso Gold 2, Friso Gold 3, Friso Gold 4, Friso Mum Gold Stage 0 and Friso Gold Cereal (for babies starting solids)

Karihome Formula Milk: Sign up for Karihome Follow-on formula (7-12 months) or Growing Up formula (1-3 years).

Nestlé NAN MOM&ME: Request for free samples of NAN OPTIPRO Gro 3, NAN OPTIPRO H.A 3 and CERELAC Infant Cereals (Baby Weaning Pack for babies approaching 6 months old)

Wyeth S26: Pick from S-26 Promil Gold (Stage 2), S-26 Progress Gold (Stage 3 and 4) and S-26 Mama.

^List updated on 6 May 2019.


Gynaecologists may prescribe supplements to complement your diet and ensure you receive ample nutrients during this early stage of pregnancy. Here are some tips on how to survive that 1st trimester of your pregnancy journey!

Besides prenatal pills, pregnant mums can drink maternal milk loaded with essential nutrients for your new nutritional needs. Here’s my extensive review of the different brands of maternal milk available in Singapore. How about redeeming some free milk samples to try before buying the full-sized tin? Pregnant mums can have really wonky tastebuds, so a taste test before purchasing is a great option!

Did you find this specially curated list of free diapers and free milk samples in Singapore useful? Do share them with fellow mummies and daddies living in Singapore too!

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  1. Hi just want to check as i had receive a sample of huggies diaper for my son. Woulf it be given as a carton free as well soon. Pls explain more

    1. Hi Natasha, hmm I didn’t quite get you.. do you mean if the samples come in cartons? If so, the samples are usually a couple of pieces (qty varies across brands) just for trial. Hope that helps!

    1. No problem at all! Raising children can be costly.. Hope families in Singapore can get to try out these free diapers or infant formula milk for their babies too! :)

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