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Super Easy Egg-less Carbonara Recipe

When I heard that I was about to learn how to do a carbonara pasta, my excitement could not be contained!

I love pasta, and carbonara is definitely one of my favourite creamy choice, but those bottled ones are anything  but close and the trick to doing one from scratch has always been full of uncertainties. Hubs and his colleagues attended a cooking workshop at Cookyn Inc. previously as part of their team bonding activity and he attempted to recreate that rich dish at home. However, the amount of cream that went into it sort of puts me off.

While most carbonara recipes seem to involve eggs, this one doesn’t. Super thankful to A’s hub, L, who imparted what he picked up from an Italiano colleague back in the UK! So while both of them were here recently, baby bump and I (as well as Vera and hubs!) had the privilege to savour yummy pasta, and picked up this super easy egg-less carbonara recipe!

Here’s sharing what you will need to prepare and how it can be easily created! Enjoy!

Super Easy Egg-less Carbonara Recipe

(Serves 4-6 adults)


Pasta – we used linguine but you can use any pasta you like

1kg bacon strips, sliced – fresh, frozen or cooked ones

1-2 big onion, chopped

2-3 tbsp chopped garlic

Fresh milk

1/2 slab of butter

A block of cheddar cheese, grated – we used Mature Cheddar which A brought over from the UK, but regular Cheddar can be used instead

2 tbsp plain flour

A dash of pepper and salt (optional)


  1. Heat up wok and pour olive oil to warm up. Put chopped garlic, chopped onion and bacon into pan and fry to desired doneness. Alternatively, you may like to grill them in the oven too.
  2. In a separate saucepan, cook pasta in pot of water.
  3. Using a separate saucepan, turn on medium flame and melt butter. Once the butter has completely melted, pour 3/4 box of fresh milk into saucepan and stir to mix.

    Super Easy Egg-less Carbonara Recipe
    Adjust cheese and fresh milk amounts to create your desired carbonara sauce consistency and taste!
  4. When thoroughly mixed, the sauce would be cream coloured. Add plain flour and mix till dissolved. Add grated cheese into saucepan, and adjust the amount for achieve the desired consistency for sauce and taste. If it’s too salty, add more fresh milk. If it’s on the bland side, add more cheese. DO NOT ADD WATER as that would dilute the cream sauce.

    Super Easy Egg-less Carbonara Recipe
    Mixing the bacon and carbonara sauce together is optional!
  5. Check on bacon to see if they are at a desired doneness. Once ready, add the bacon into the cream sauce and stir to mix evenly. This step is optional is you prefer the cream sauce and bacon to be separate.
  6. Serve fresh and hot – bon appétit!

The pictures don’t do justice to the carbonara pasta! But the taste was yums – definitely comparable to those at cafes and it’s unbelievably easy to make! We had a yummy Roasted Beer Spa Stuffed Chicken to go along and this was one of the best meals I’ve had in the comfort of our home! :)


  • This simple carbonara pasta dish is suitable for children including toddlers. If you are worried about the sodium level, simply scoop out the sauce with less cheese, or pour sauce (before adding cheese) into another saucepan to add your preferred baby-friendly cheese such as Bega Block Cheese or Babybel Full Fat Cheese (red packaging)
  • This dish is very versatile too, so instead of bacon, you can easily use mushrooms, asparagus, or chicken. It’s entirely up to you!

We hope you enjoy making this super easy egg-less carbonara recipe, just as we did! Will you be cooking this for your family soon?

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  1. Thanks for sharing.
    instead of fresh milk, can we use those other kinds of milk? those small packet milk that is sold in a pack of 6.

    1. Hello Charlize!

      Glad you liked the recipe! I’ve not actually tried it, but using UHT milk should not be an issue. Happy cooking too and let me know how it goes :D

  2. Thanks for the recipe! Just wondering if i combine the meat and sauce together, can i put the leftover in the fridge for next tine use?

    1. Hello Anna! I’ve not actually tried to store them overnight before, but I’d personally prefer to do so separately as it offers abit more versatility by allowing me to use the sauce with other ingredients instead. I’d reckon it should be fine to store them together, do make sure the sauce is well-heated up before serving, and do check its smell too. Hope you enjoy the carbonara sauce! :)

    1. Hello Esther! Perhaps you could add more cheese to make it thicker and stir to allow it to melt and mix. Then add plain flour to help thicken it and make it less watery too. Hope this helps :)

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