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Eggless 2-ingredient Pancake Blender Recipe

Waking up to freshly made pancakes brightens up a new day! If you or your child are allergic to eggs, it is possible to enjoy eggless pancakes with this super easy and versatile recipe!

We love fluffy pancakes, and from time-to-time (when there’s time! Ha!),  we try to make them from scratch for Vera so she enjoys homemade ones too.

After getting some confusing reactions when Leroy tried eggs before he turned 1 year old, we decided to wing it with pancakes for him, and made these hotcakes ala McDonald’s pancakes which Vera loved. But alas! Looks like the boy has to stay away from eggs, until he (hopefully) outgrows them! Egg allergy is such a boo-boo!

Not wanting him to miss out on good stuff, I decided to search for pancake recipes that do without eggs. This eggless pancake recipe has wholesome goodness, and are so easy to make, it feels almost effortless! He was battling a dripping nose, so mummy made a booster version with these pancakes :P

Eggless Pancake Recipe with just 2 ingredients and a blender

(makes 6 – 8 baby-sized pancakes)


1 banana, peeled (we used the regular Del Monte bananas, or you may also use 2 pcs of the smaller variants)

1/2 cup rolled oats, uncooked (feel free to use organic rolled oats or Quaker Quickcook/Instant Oats, depending on preference)

2 tsp organic virgin coconut oil (feel free to omit oil, or use other types of oil, or butter for that rich creamy taste!)

*Optional ingredients for additional nutritional boost:
We’ve tried these for a little change: 1-2 tbsp of Chia Seeds and 5 tbsp Fresh Milk


  1. Heat up a frying pan at medium heat. Add oil to warm it.
how to make eggless pancakes recipe
“Are my baby pancakes ready, mummy??”

2) Pour both ingredients into the blender and blend until smooth. The batter resembles banana milkshake!

3) Using a ladle, spoon out the batter and place on the frying pan to form round pancakes. Look out for bubbles forming on the top, creating tiny holes, and allow the edges to turn golden brown before flipping. Gently lift the undersides to check for your desired colour before flipping though. Ensure the flipped side is cooked thoroughly (not sticky), and slide them out of the pan! Repeat with the rest of the batter.

4) Serve warm and feel free to serve with fresh fruits, yoghurt or avocado for a hearty, nutritious meal! Butter, manuka honey or maple syrup on the sides, if your child has no allergies to them! Or, mummy and daddy can just enjoy with these pancake syrups :)

eggless baby pancakes banana recipe
Not the prettiest looking pancakes, but definitely made from scratch and full of wholesome goodness for the baby! Pancakes with no eggs for the little one.
eggless pancake recipe baby eating
OMNOMNOMNOM! Leroy enjoying his yummy baby pancakes with no eggs! These eggless pancakes are high in fibre, vitamins and minerals!

Tips on how to make these baby banana pancakes with no eggs:

  1. Feel free to use a food processor or mixer instead of a blender – it was just much easier to use a blender (and we don’t own a food processor!), and cleaning was straightforward.
  2. This eggless pancake recipe is really versatile, so feel free to add your desired ingredients to make it extra nutritious, or include your kids’ favourite ingredients such as fruits.
  3. Just a note that this recipe does not include baking powder, so these aren’t exactly fluffy pancakes! Texture was towards
  4. Since this pancake recipe is predominantly egg-free, flourless and dairy-free, blended rolled oats become oat flour, so you don’t need to add additional flour. Skip the fresh milk if you prefer pancakes without milk – it’s optional, anyway!

What can I use instead of eggs in pancakes?

We’ve shared about different types of ingredients that can be used as egg replacements in this bumper post of quick and easy breakfast ideas for young kids! Those that are easily available and are low allergy egg replacements include chia seeds, mashed bananas and ground flax seeds. Peanut butter works too but do ensure your child does not have a nut allergy before adding peanut butter into your pancake recipe.

Do you make baby pancakes with no eggs too? What are some of your favourite eggless recipes? Do share some ideas with us and let me know if you do try our Eggless Pancake Recipe too!

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  1. Hi! Without having added water though, is it still kind of watery when you only mix the banana and the rolled oats in the blender?

    1. Hello Catherine! Thank you for checking out this easy egg-free pancake recipe :)

      Yes, the mixture will be pretty wet and watery when the banana gets blended for longer. I find that it’s easier to control the size of the pancake when it’s less watery, so I’ll skip adding any water or milk. Hope this helps :) Happy making this nutritious pancakes! :)

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