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Mashed Potato with Italian Herbs Recipe

We’re usually time-strapped over the weekends rushing to run errands or moving from place to place. Quick and healthy meals are my time savers as I believe that cooking (for the little one or not) should not leave you feeling miserable. Eating is a happy feeling, so the positive emotions flow from the chef to the guinea pig diner who enjoy the meal. More often than not, I find myself twisting my imagination to do meals that don’t take too much effort. If you’ve been following us for awhile, I’m sure you already know this by now :)

Here’s sharing a meal we put together for baby V in 30 minutes. Both dishes can be prepared simultaneously, so that was a true scorer!

1st dish: Savoury Muffins aka Egg Muffins or Frittatas. They are pretty much the same, just known with different names :) This is one of my fave recipes in my bag of tricks because one can simply do no wrong with them! This version is loaded with Fresh Milk, Carrots, Bak Choy topped with Coon Extra Tasty! Yums!

Savoury muffins rising to the occasion!

2nd dish:

Mashed Potato with Italian Herbs Recipe
~serves 1

1 medium-sized potato

Sprinkle of McCormicks Italian Seasoning

1 tsp butter/margarine


1) Boil a medium potato until soft (cut into smaller pieces first to speed up), remove skin and mash with fork. Takes around 15-20minutes.

2) Add butter and mix with potato. Sprinkle Italian herbs and mix. Amount for butter and herbs depends individual preferences.

EASY PEASY, right??

While waiting for the Savoury Muffins to bake, prepare the potato! Definitely saves plenty of time! And preparation takes a short while only.

Serve both dishes together for a balanced meal comprising of carbs and proteins!

Mama is happy to report that baby V made a clean sweep! Also, the mashed potato is a perfect dish for little munchkins who are learning to control their spoons. That means less mess and better aims :p As for the Savoury Muffins, baby can practice with a fork or use hands ala BLW!

Taking aim: “AHHHHHHHHmmmmm”
“Do you want some, mummy?”
Concentrating on chowing her Savoury Muffins… #omnomnom


– Feel free to serve mash potatoes with other toppings such as grated cheese, minced garlic, or sesame for that added aromatic taste

– Previously, some mums lamented that it was difficult trying to wash out those stubborn bits of the Savoury Muffins stuck in the baking trays. And I’ve since gotten these cute silicon moulds, which are great when it comes to this concern – woohoo!! So much easier to wash and not have to scrub like crazy doing those arm exercises!

Do your kids like mashed potato too? Tell us what your favourite potato dish is!

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