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Wrapped Up Goodness – Bed of Veggie & Salmon Wholegrain Wrap Recipe

Many mums and friends were asking for this recipe when we posted updates of our menu for the day. Pardon me for the delayed response in putting it together, and I promise this is worth the wait! ;)

Anyhoots, here are the super easy steps on how to do a homemade and wholesome…

Bed of Veggie & Salmon Wholegrain Wrap

~ serves 1


1pc Portobello mushroom

2pc Baby corn

Palm sized salmon fillet

2pc Baby Asparagus

1tsp Minced garlic

Cheese block – we used Coon Extra Tasty and shaved it

1 sheet of Wrap – we used Mission wholegrain wraps. they have several options including original, garlic and onion



1) Wash and cut all ingredients (except garlic, cheese and wrap) into desired shape and size.

2) Pour olive oil onto heated pan and sautee minced garlic. Do not let them turn brown.

3) Add all ingredients (except cheese and wrap) into pan, and pan fry until cooked. Set aside.

4) Remove 1 sheet of wrap and cut into half (if serving the little ones, so that it’s easier to handle). Roll wrap into cone shape and fill with cooked ingredients. Add shaved or grated cheese as preferred.


5) Carefully place stuffed wrap onto baking tray and set oven to grill mode at 180 degrees for 5 minutes, or until wrap turns slightly brown and hard. Possible to use a toaster instead. Remove from oven and prepare to serve.


A word of caution based on personal experience: The ingredients may fall out of wrap especially when placed in front of the bub (True experience! I had to redo another cos the first one landed on the floor. LOL!) Just go easy with it and cutting into smaller pieces can help to combat that.

So what did baby V think of her first wrap meal?? :)

Hands or spoon??
Acting demure by using a spoon……..
Happy smiles! YAY!!
Okay, let’s do it with the hands now… LOL!

Very happy to see that the little bosstress liked it, and it was a hit! Woohoo!! Mama had it for lunch as well, so it was a great brain cells time saver!


– This is yet another highly versatile dish because you can simply create it with any ingredients you like! We love a balanced meal, so I always try to ensure there’s meat/fish, veggies and carbs.

– No seasoning was added, as garlic and cheese extended extra flavour along with calcium and sodium. If you like, consider marinating the fish or meat used.

– Makes a great family meal too – simply increase the portion of ingredients to prepare and everyone can have the same food, saving time and energy!

Do you and your kids like wraps? Tell us your fave wrap recipes!

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