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Baked Apple Chicken Drumstick Recipe

When the fridge has limited food, it takes some mind twisting to come up with something interesting.

So I had a couple of chicken drumsticks, some apples, baby asparagus, beetroot, butternut squash and Portobello (which I’ve made soup with), and we’ve already done different combinations for the little bub.

Then, TA-DAH! I got hit by a brainwave from outer space, and this simple recipe sprang up my neurons. To be honest, it took some experimenting (i.e hits and misses) before it actually ended up edible. And yes, I only feed Vera food that’s fully cooked and edible, nothing less!

Baked Apple Chicken Drumstick
~ serves 1


Chicken drumstick – cleaned and deskinned, then blanched

Sliced apples – you could cube them if preferred

Apple juice – you could use fresh ones from the apples or boxed juices. Feel free to even replace with other juices.

Baby asparagus – washed and remove layer on stems, and cut into desired size


1) Soak blanched chicken in apple juice for 15 minutes.

The first attempt had everything placed on the baking dish, but that’s a NO-NO! Baking the chicken and blood starting oozing out, which was OMG! So, had to take the meat out, blanched it, threw the veggies and apples and cut new ones to replace!

2) Placed sliced apples on baking dish, and place chicken together along with baby asparagus. You may pour the remaining apple juice onto baking dish.

3) Put into oven and set at 180 degrees for 20 minutes, or until chicken is fully cooked. Remove from oven and place on countertop out of reach of children as the dish will be scalding hot. Leave to cool before serving.

Baked apple chicken drumstick recipe – pretty easy and yums too!

This makes a sweet dish for the little one, and it’s packed with natural fruit juices which enhances the meat’s flavour. Serve with some carbs like rice, porridge, potatoes or noodles for a complete meal :)

– When baking, it is crucial to capture the time needed to cook for different meats and veggies. The drumstick takes longer so it needs to be either first blanched or baked ie cooked first. Veggies takes a shorter time, so to avoid overcooking, they are usually placed towards the end of the bake time.

– Veggies tend to shrink even during baking so usually adding slightly more helps compensate the visual amount versus the cooked amount where water has been lost.

– Feel free to try other fruit such as oranges, grapes, pineapples, berries but do ensure your munchkin is not allergic to them prior!

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