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In the Spotlight: From Mothers to Mothers on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day happens every year on the second Sunday of May.

This year, we are elated to gather a group of mothers to share with us their thoughts on what Mother’s Day means to them. Heart-to-heart, from mothers to mothers.

It may be my second year to enjoy Mother’s Day, and this day is earned because of our little bundle of joy, who has come into our humble lives, and we count our blessings for. With her in our family, our families share our happiness with us too. Parenthood is no mean feat, and this cannot be made smoother without my own mother, who had to make changes in her lifestyle to care for baby V while juggling work; just so both hubs and I can go to work with a peace of mind.

Here’s a simple message crafted for the most important woman in my life, with my deepest gratitude.

“Thank you mummy, for all the unconditional love, unwavering support and guidance throughout my life. Your attitude, teachings, wisdom and friendship has moulded who I am today (along with dad, of course, and that makes half!). Although Vera can sometimes be so cheeky and pulls her professional nap striking stunts on you too, I’m sure her presence in our lives has allowed you to rediscover childlike innocence and relearning how to be a mum (or grandmother) again! Happy Mother’s Day!!!! <3”


With an eternity of love and kisses, yours truly.

Am also very happy to have many mothers sending their thoughts on what Mother’s Day means to them. Each lady put down her sincere words, written from her heart. Sending our love to our own Mothers and our little ones, who gave us this special day :)

Find out what Mother’s Day means to these mums!

“One of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received is my daughter. I used to think of Mother’s Day as a day to celebrate my mom – everything that she is and what she does for us crazy kids. And it STILL is about that.

But this year as the day approaches, I also realise that it’s a day for me to celebrate the miracle that allows me to bask in Zola Mae’s wonderful little life – the little feisty girl she is, and the woman she will one day grow up to be. I’m reminded that I have to be better. Everyday. Not for myself, but for her. Because I can’t teach her anything without being an example first.”


Aarika Lee, mum to Zola Mae Lee-Sarjit (21 mo)


“Mother’s Day is a day to feel thankful for this wonderful gift of Motherhood, and a child to love with all my heart. This is my first Mother’s Day as a mother, and I am really looking forward to spending this day with my family.”

angela hing

Angela Hing, mum to Joseph (9 mo)


“Since Nov 2011, I know Mother’s day is going to be one that I will cherish, not because of gifts, but because it reminds me of my 10 months of pregnancy, giving birth and bringing up the most wonderful boy I could ever hope for. I never knew being a mother could be so rewarding and how much it has enriched my life when I go through every milestones with him. I see Mother’s Day differently now, as it is not just about celebrating this special day with my mother, it is also a day for me!”


Anne, mum to Zachary (4 yo)


“Mother’s Day has never been more meaningful after I became a mother myself. Day by day, I finally begin to understand what my mother had gone through and given up for my brother and I. At times, I even wondered if I’m even half as strong, caring and hardworking as her. Don’t be surprised, I’m still a baby to her in many ways and I love it! I’m thankful to be blessed with a loving mother and I pray that I’ll do my part to mother my daughter, Emmalyn, well too.

To all mothers, Happy Mothers’ Day!”


Ashlyn Thia, Mother to Emmalyn (1.5 yo).


“This is going to be my second Mother’s Day and I’m really looking forward to it as I didn’t get a chance to celebrate it last year. Chanelle was only 2 months old then and we were bogged down by the many responsibilities of being new parents. I don’t expect any fancy schmancy kind of celebration, just the three of us spending quality time together as a family is good enough!”


Charlene, mum to Chanelle (14 mo).


“In the past, Mother’s Day= my mummy, but now being a mother myself, it holds a deeper meaning.. It truly helps me to appreciate the act of sacrifice and giving unconditionally. It really doesn’t matter how little me-time I have now, because I know how fast you are growing up, and you simply complete me!”

Cheryl, mum to Lucas (27 mo)


“Everyday is Mother’s Day simply by spending time with the two sillyos. It’s a bonus if they are on their best behaviour!”

cindy guo

Cindy Guo, mum to Joash (5 yo) and Kyash (3 yo)


“Mother’s Day for me feels like it is celebrated everyday, as I enjoy the essence of being a mother to a boy and a girl. For I know that sooner or later, they’ll have their lives to live on their own and my role as a mother will literally fly in a blink of my eyes.”


Denise, mum to Ronan (4 yo) and Raiya (2 yo)


“It’s that time of the year again, where i can pat myself on the back and say “Well done, you made it this far!” It’s definitely not easy, but the rewards…priceless.”

Elisa Liga Foo, mum to 2 Monsters.
Owner of New Baby Singapore


“It is the 2nd Mother Day of for me as a Mommy to my baby girl. She has taught me so much through this amazing journey of motherhood and I’m so thankful. I cherish and look forward to spend more quality time with her and hopefully to hear her say Happy Mommy’s Day next year :)”


Esther Lai, mum to Sarah (17 mo)
Owner of Superlife Co.


“It simply means…Having the greatest gift in life that takes you on a journey to give unconditional love and experience the simple joys one can have!”


Love, Geraldine Chua, mum to Iain (3 yo)


“Life and endless unconditional love.”

irene ooi

Irene, mum to Addrick (6 yo) and Andrica (7 yo)


“Motherhood– the greatest and the hardest. With maximum responsibilty and maximum joy. A Great privilege and miracle given by God. A role I’m very happy to undertake.”

Janice Wong, mum to Big K (3.5 yo) and Small K (1 yo).
Owner of RhapNroll, Blog:


“To me, Mother’s Day is a celebration to remind ourselves of the sacrificial love and devotion from our mums. Being a mother is definitely the greatest job of all.”


Jasmine, mum of 2
Owner of JunxRyo


“Mother’s Day is the day that I am being recognised as a Mother. Not a maid, not a teacher, not a cook, but a Mother. While my children are not yet able to make crafts or buy presents for me, their smile and hugs are the biggest gift for me. To me, everyday can be Mother’s Day! That is if they are on their best behaviour.”


Jolin, mum to Big J (4 yo) and Small J (2 yo)


“Mother’s Day – I used to think nothing much about the significance of this special day, till I became a mother myself. I still remember the day when I shifted to my in-laws’ place while waiting for my new flat to be ready. The nostalgia as I missed my old house and the unfamiliarity of a new environment broke me down in tears as I came to the full realization that I had indeed flown away from the secure nest my parents had built for us.

It is indeed wise of the man who came up with the proverb ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’. Even if you had asked her repeatedly, my mum would still have felt that my kids’ welfare was more important than hers. For all the selfless love she has given my children and me, I am eternally grateful. I will be there for her when the time comes and similarly, I hope my children will be there for me when mine comes.. Meanwhile, Happy Mother’s Day, Ma!”

Jo Lum mum

Jessie Kam – Ma to Jo Lum and Mama to Shannan (12 yo), Jaden (10 yo) & lil’ Sherlyn (3 yo)


“Mother’s Day is a reminder to be appreciative, but true appreciation is given regularly. Growing up, I would take over some chores on Mother’s Day; now, my siblings and I give her a nice fat ang bao (per her request), but I also make it a point to visit her weekly. Being present is the best present!”


Julia Guo, mum to Erin (2.5)
Owner of MilkundMayhem

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading what these mummies have shared on how they feel about Mother’s Day. To all mothers reading us, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! Feel free to share with us what Mother’s Day means to you too!

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