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Roadtrip to Malacca – Day 3

Fun times are often short-lived moments – our very first roadtrip to Malacca comes to an end on Day 3. We had so much fun at Mamee at Jonker House on Day 2 – i’m sure baby V would love the session as much as we did, when she’s of age to perform the steps on her own :P Day 1 was a smooth drive up to the town, and we were very blessed indeed. Good and affordable Chinese food discovery ended our first day on a good note!

And because we were sceptical of how the traffic might be on a Sunday(Malaysians and Singaporeans usually head back to Singapore when the weekend ends), we had to forgo time in our Northern neighbour, and left a tad earlier to beat the jam. Read on for our adventures on the last day, where we trawled their busy touristy area, filled our bellies at a highly-recommended Peranakan Restaurant and chilled at a hipster café too!

Day 3: Nancy’s Kitchen – Jonker Walk – The Daily Fix Café – Home Sweet Home (Singapore!)

We woke up to the soft sunlight that was streaming in through the peeks of the curtains. Baby Vera was snoozing away as mummy and daddy were packing our belongings. Travelling with a baby means lugging along nearly everything! Efficient packing and bringing only essentials do make a difference – here’s how we packed baby V’s luggage if you’d like to know.

And then the little one stirred, opened her eyes to look for us and we snuggled up to her in bed. I love this feeling whenever we wake up to each other and she grins back. I guess these perks make motherhood and parenting at large, more enjoyable.

Excuse our just-got-out-of-bed faces (i.e. my usual makeup-less face) and messy hair. Haha! Wefies with the cheeky bunny while Daddy continues packing *evil laughter*


We checked out of our rooms, and decided to try our luck at Nancy’s Kitchen, since we encountered a failed attempt the day before due to the mad queue waiting. We figured if we headed there earlier, we might be able to get a table and have an early lunch.

But hey, seemed like everyone else thought so to! LOL!

There was already a Q ahead of us! And by coincidence, my hub's colleagues joined us in the Q shortly too :P
There was already a Q ahead of us! And by coincidence, my hub’s colleagues joined us in the Q shortly too :P

We flipped through the menu and everything looked good! Decided to order our usual fave dishes that we’d normally order when dining at Peranakan Place along Katong back in SG. It would also make for a fairer comparison of each dish too, eh! LOL. Here’s what filled our table of 4 adults!

Some Nonya kuehs.
Some Nonya kuehs that hub’s colleague bought and shared with us :) I like the ondeh-ondeh! Very soft but could do more with extra fillings.. hehe
Hae Bee Hiam Glutinous Rice.
Hae Bee Hiam Glutinous Rice. For a non-chilli lover like moi, reckon this could be more fiery!
Ayam Buah Keluak
Peranakan Braised Pork
Otak-otak Stim
Sambal Sotong Petai
Bak Wan Kepiting Soup
Nonya Chup Chai
Ngoh Hiang


Portions were just nice for us. Basically, Nancy’s Kitchen runs in clockwork fashion – they seat each group by table number, filling level 1 first (approx. around 4 or 5 tables? uber cramp to make your way in and out.), followed by level 2 (where we were seated, 4 tables here) and another side of level 2 (not sure how many, but heard that it’s rather limited too). Orders were taken in accordance of first-come-first-seated. So no skipping of tables!

Our verdict on the food? Overall, we felt it wasn’t all that delish that it was made out to be. The ones that were yums: Otah, Sambal Sotong Petai and Ayam Buah Keluak. The misses were rather disappointing especially the Bak Wan Kepting Soup (it had a really strong porky stench and soup was that hot!), Chup Chai tasted quite flat (not counting the lacklustre presentation too!) and the Braised Pork and Ngoh Hiang were pretty forgettable. The meal wasn’t expensive, definitely cheaper than what we pay in SG but the quality and standard were quite different. We tried Peranakan food during our previous trip to Malacca (like 4 years ago or something??) and I remember very vividly the good flavours and impression of that meal. So good, till the memory stayed with us until now. But we can’t remember the name of the restaurant. DOH!

So after a less than satisfactory lunch, we decided to venture around Jonker Walk and shop for local tidbits to bring home for our families.

20150104_133045 20150104_133320

Then our caffeine addiction kicked in and we chanced upon an interesting-looking café and decided to pop in. Hipster cafes and indie cafes are populating all over the world, not just in Singapore. Guess more and more of the young gens are pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams and the idea of owning a café is WOW! All may seem glamourous but let’s not forget those who have tried and failed. Success doesn’t come easy but I suppose if you don’t try, you won’t know, eh?

Anyways, at the store front, it is actually a retail store and there are signs facing the street that highlight about the café within. Let’s head in to The Daily Fix!

An owl haven – no less! Owls for sale, anyone?


Gula Melaka, which was yums! Rich brown sugar + coconut flava!
Baby V didn’t get her chance with coffee and thus had to charge her batt there and then. Heh! Daddy’s turn to carry her and after he’s done with his kopi, mummy’s turn for arm exercise! One of the ladies at the shop was nice enough to offer me plain water when I started to move baby V to sit in front of the stand fan – weather was HAWT!

After we had our fill, it was time to kiss Malacca sayonara, as we made our way back home. Thankfully, the traffic was smooth and we were back in SG by around 6pm. Time for dinner! LOL! Seems like we stuff ourselves non-stop. Heh!

Oh before I forget, I did promise to share something worth checking out, especially for Hello Kitty fans!

BE WARNED!!! It’s all girlie-pink and super duper HELLO KITTY MANIA! Might just wanna pre-empt the guys who might be travelling with you beforehand. LOL!

Credit: Like Guests House Facebook


Credit: Like Guests House Facebook


Hello Kitty theme for baby cot too! Here’s a picture from their FB where their guest posted. Credit: Like Guests House Facebook


Even weddings are held here too! Credit: Like Guests House Facebook


Credit: Like Guests House Facebook

They are not Sanrio-licenced but it’s basically a Hello Kitty themed hotel, and from their Facebook, it seems like there are other themes available like Doraemon and One Piece too!

I’m not a Hello Kitty fan (you’d probably realize i’m not girlie-girl by now. heh!) but I know many females (age is not a factor!) love this cat to bits. Check out Like Guests House if you’re heading to Malacca! We wanted to drop by, but forgot about it. So, don’t miss the chance if you’re there and are a huge fan! Well, maybe fans would choose to stay there, right? Let us know how it was, ok! :P

Hope you’ve enjoyed our travelogue trails in Malacca! Where else have you visited when you were in Malacca? Let us know! In the meantime, thank you for following our adventures. Next stop: London in end Feb. Gonna be wrapped up like a dumpling and still wondering how to nurse with those layers. Keeping our fingers crossed that baby V will adapt well too. Let’s keep in touch on Facebook and Instagram too :)

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