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9 Mummy Chefs You Should Bookmark!

Cooking is not second nature to a mother. As it is, some of the top chefs in the world are actually male, so to those who feel that mothers are superheros, we’re more than that! HA! Cooking for a baby can be daunting, especially if a) you barely scraped through Home Economics, b) think that a baby’s diet is limited and you don’t know where to start or c) you’ve never cooked before. Or perhaps, you’ve just ticked all of the above.

Even if you do not have any cooking sense, following instructions should not be too tall an order. We rounded up some mummies who diligently and painstakingly prepare, cook and serve their young ones with healthy, nutritious chow regularly. They have also kindly put up recipes to share with fellow like-minded parents too. All that blood, sweat, tears and effort definitely deserve thumbs up! If you’re clueless on how to embark on your child’s solids journey, you definitely need to check them out and grab some tips or two. Get ready to bookmark their recipes so when you need ideas on what to cook, you know where to find them. And you’ve successfully put up a yummy meal for your little bubbas, it would be a nice touch to let these mummies know by sending an appreciation message :)

In alphabetical order:


Celine describes herself as a “frugal spender who is trying to evaluate the products and services offered to the Malaysian consumer, as she goes around shopping for her little needs and wants. She can turn out to be a mystery shopper, anytime and anywhere.” She takes time to cook up a variety of meals for her sparkly-eyed toddler, and has even taken time to put together a long list of FAQ on solid feeding to babies/toddlers as well as a guide to feeding babies/toddlers.


Bake for Happy Kids

Born and raised in Singapore and now relocated to Melbourne, Zoe enjoys baking although she never seemed to do well for her home economics classes back in school. Fast forward several years later, she now hones her culinary skill for kids and even organizes bake-alongs with 2 of her good friends. Her recipes include Asian and Western cuisine which are easy-to-follow and come with crisp photos and includes party-worthy food for adults too.


Feeding Boys

As a freelance food writer, wife of a vegetarian firefighter and mum of two boisterous boys – keeping them all fuelled and trying to stay sane is a daily challenge for Katie. She loves food and hopes to pass on her passion for food to her children and inspire frazzled parents out there who are clueless on how to make healthy yet delectable meals for their little ones.



Lai Kuan is a self-professed “stay-at-home “multi-tasker” dedicated to look after two very important persons in my life: The “Emperor”(hubby) and The “Prince”(son)”. She moved to Singapore in 2007 but is currently back in Kuala Lumpur with her husband’s family. She started with zero cooking knowledge – but look at those dishes she conjures now!



Gracious Little Things

The inspiration for Grace to start her blog, was her little boy. She is a hardworking mummy who diligently does research on parenthood and realized that most of the notes are geared towards our Western counterparts. Hence, she decided to embark on information-gathering, and earnestly puts them together while juggling work. You know where to go for Asian dishes and food knowledge!


Grub N’ Grow

When her son was about to begin his solids journey, first-time mummy, Celine, started researching on what goes into our usual food and made a decision to prepare only fresh homemade food for her little one. Her recipes are mostly easy to follow and wouldn’t require fancy equipment. She also includes pictures to depict the methods and are simple enough for those with zilch culinary skills.



Joyce N’ Escapades

Joyce bakes, cooks and does homemade smoothies and purees for her baby. Her simple-to-follow style makes it easy to read by going straight to the point. She does East meet West food too, so swing over to find out more!



Rumbling Tummy

Edith’s culinary blog shows her diversity – she does Asian, Korean, Japanese, Western and even Traditional snacks and goodies. It’s almost like walking through a food street when you visit, so be prepared for rumbling tummies!

rumbling tummy


The Domestic Goddess Wannabe

Landing on Diana’s site is akin to stepping into a food magazine – it makes you feel excited with all those drool-worthy pictures and you know that you knead to click on those links, but get caught in a dilemma – which course to start with first? Her lucky (slightly older) kids and husband must be so belly happy!



If you’ve been reading The Hooting Post and discovering what baby V has been eating when she’s at home with mummy, you’d know that I’m a noob chef mummy. But with all that wealth of experience and knowledge on food recipes, these mummies make it much easier when I’m out of ideas – I’m sure you’d agree too. Kudos to these mummies! If you know of other mummies or daddies who chronicle their food recipes for baby meals, do let us know too!! Now, please excuse me while I try to decide which recipe to experiment with first…..

To mummies and daddies, happy cooking! And to your little ones, happy eating! ;)

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