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Penang Travelogue – Day 3

Day 1 and Day 2 at Penang led us on food trails, street art hunt and discovery of interesting places. On Day 3, the weather was rather unkind – rained almost the whole day with some drizzles in between for us to continue our scouting of wall murals and metal sculptures. We visited some of the new malls too and had dinner at an awesome place – highly recommended!

Day 3: Queensbay Mall – Song River Café – Gurney Plaza – Street Art/Wall Murals – Stone Bay Restaurant

Thanks to the weather, that meant we had to stay indoors most of the time. Tonny had to take another assignment today, so a replacement driver uncle took us around. The only thing was, he didn’t seem very familiar with recommendations like where the best foods were and interesting places to go. Was kinda disappointed since the weather wasn’t very uplifting already. Nonetheless, our first stop was to a mall, and basically Day 3 was more laidback with less shuffling around (but that meant lesser things to see and do too!).

Wet and gloomy morning, this English McDonald’s house sits prettily, just a stone’s throw away from our hotel :)

Queensbay Mall is large and has plenty to offer shopaholics, foodies and parents. There is a cinema, arcade and karaoke too, so no worries about not having entertainment. LOL!  The 3 couples sought their own entertainment, and us being new parents, headed to Aeon to check out home stuff, visit kidswear stores and randomly look at clothes for ourselves.

Little one nursed on-the-go and duly fell asleep while mummy exercised by window shopping. When it was finally time for a coffee break at EspressoLab, she decides to join in too and got awoken when I tried to sit to rest my legs. Daddy was busy with work even on a holiday. #throwthatblackberryaway

Look at that sleepy face. HEHE!
After our cuppa with the sister and bf, we continued exploring the mall and wished that the rain would stop soon! Someone’s energized and happy to shop around!

We combed the whole area and looked to the sky (did a rain-check!) and hoped for clearer view. Seemed like it stopped pouring, and we decided to head outdoors for lunch after being stuck for at least 2hours. Driver uncle recommended Penang Bak Kut Teh, which sounded perfect for such weather!

Fortunately, it was a sheltered eatery and we quickly grabbed seats as the crowd was starting to come. It faces the seafront along Gurney Drive. While waiting for our food, the rain got heavier and strong winds helped directed sky juice at us. Canopy at the closed stall beside us could not be extended because “it doesn’t belong to us” as advised by one of the folks there.

The angry rain streaming inwards….
Lunch… the main course wasn’t as good as we imagined. Rather tasteless I must say. Penang Bak Kut Teh is known to be the sweet type, and this one lacks the pork feel. Strange. The other dishes were alright.

Thanks to my sister, who recalled that the place was Song River Café, but I wouldn’t recommend those that we have tried though. There were other stalls too, some were closed though, probably only operated at night. Parents, do note that high chairs there are in poor condition i.e. dirty and damaged. Baby V sat in the stroller while she had skinless grapes that were bought the day before, and some rice. After hiding from the rain and downing a meal that did nothing to our moods, we trod back to the car to get shelter and discussed where to go next.

Interesting cafes along the way!

We decided to try our luck around Georgetown again, for the next leg of our street art trails. Guess we got lucky! The rain sizzled to a mini drizzle and we could get off the car to snap pics! And boy, it was crowded despite the weather! Many tourists and locals would gather around a particular point and you’d know there was something to snap. LOL.

With the famous “Little Children on a Bicycle” Mural.

“I Can Help Catch Rats” Mural
Teach You Hokkien Mural and “Too Narrow” Sculpture
If you enter this door, you’ll find a little shop with handpainted tees hanging on the walls. The artist-owner is an indian who speaks uber fluent Mandarin and Hokkien. He does customized drawings too, so you can have your face on your tees. Those hung up had comics and some were tongue in cheek sort teasers in Hokkien. No photography allowed though.

“Procession” Sculpture
“Then & Now” Sculpture


Magician Wall Mural


“Skippy for Penang” mural
Look who’s on the other side of the wall!


“Love Me Like Your Fortune Cat” Mural

We didn’t managed to cover all the wall paintings and metal sculptures but it was a pretty good trail so far! It started to pour again, so we decided to head back to our hotel for a bath (yucky wet feet!) and perhaps catch a few winks (it didn’t happen – not with a baby around LOL! I think we only managed to nurse while lying on the bed, but better than no rest for my tired body), before heading out for dinner in the evening.

We met up with the family at the lobby, and bumped into the chef from the hotel café where breakfast was served. So, we took the chance to ask him for recommendations on nice food that wasn’t too pricey. He shared that Stone Bay Restaurant serves up good Chinese food, including seafood. So, Stone Bay it was! We hailed a cab quite easily as there were cabs “waiting around” just outside our hotel. We had to split and take 2 cabs, and our cab driver was telling us not to order a certain fish that the crew would push for. I can’t recall what it was – King Fish? Golden Fish? Because it apparently doesn’t come with a price tag on the menu, but a heart attack is served up when you get the bill. Sounded like the place would fleece us… didn’t have a very good feeling about it. But nonetheless, point taken and we just had to be a little cautious.

So, what was the verdict? Let the peektures do the talking!

Fried Seafood Noodles – it tastes better than it looks! Unanimous agreement on this for the family!
Stir-fried Baby Asparagus with Sambal Shrimps. A tad spicy but tahan-able for me! Flavourful too!
Been trying to avoid prawns due to high cholesterol levels but this Salted Egg Prawns were too good to miss!! Must-order!!
Simple dish of Veggie, Tofu and Mushrooms – really yums too!
This was something special! Fried Minced Meat on one side, and Fish Cake (?!) on the other. Can’t quite recall what exactly it was, but this dish was good too!
Belly bursting meal! YUMMEH!

It was by far the BESTEST meal we had this trip! Portions were generous, and it wasn’t too pricey. We paid around RM$200ish for this meal, and for such a standard, it’s real value. There was a wedding dinner going on in one of the private rooms too, and the other diners came in groups of families. We were so belly full, the next best thing was to head back to sleep. Talk about getting fat. Oh well, nursing mums need all that fuel, right? :P

Except for the young couple who decided to check out Penang’s nightlife, the rest of us returned to the hotel. Good night’s rest with a happy meal! Gotta start packing our luggage; one last day in Penang the next day!

Stick around to find out what else we put into our bellies (Penang local delights! If we didn’t eat them, hubs won’t be leaving happy!) before we head to the airport on Day 4.


  1. Hi there.. no I’m not here to bash you or be rude or anything but as a fellow mama I’d like to share with you about the baby carrier you used during this lovely trip, hope you don’t mind. pls have a good read at the links below. Good day :)

    Here you go:

    1. Hello Mrs Tan!
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts :) Such materials have been circulating around, and there are several anti-thesis articles that follow, which is rather mind-boggling for all. Sometimes it’s directed at the specific brand, sometimes it’s about front-facing… :S
      We are as concerned as every other parent – we alternate by carrying in our arms (grow biceps grow!) and using the stroller too. Guess when she starts walking, it’s gonna be hard to put her in one place either :P

      Thank you for your kind regards. Have an awesome day too :)

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