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Spinning Hotcakes Recipe for the Family

Do you remember the McDonald’s advert years ago with the hotcakes spinning on the windowsill? Haha and the catchy jingle that goes along? That image and music are stuck in my head all these years since my childhood days!

The previous weekend, I decided to try my hands on making those hotcakes – pancakes, American style. My previous attempt on pancakes was the crepes type, and also similar to Polish ones. Trying out a different pancakes recipe for the first time – it’s actually easy to do!

Homemade American Pancakes – adapted from MyBabyRecipe
~makes 4 pieces


1 egg

20g icing sugar (Actual recipe used castor sugar but I didn’t have any, so icing sugar was used to replace it)

1/4 tsp baking powder

50g Plain flour – all purpose (Actual recipe used cake flour but I still had leftovers, so I used this instead)

25g Milk (I used Greenfields Full Cream Milk, although you could use breastmilk or formula though. Not too game to have breastmilk in my food. Heh!)

5g butter



1) Mix egg and sugar with electric mixer for approx 3 min/well combined.

2) Sift baking powder and flour, stir to combine in mixture. Add milk & butter, continue to mix.

3) Cover with cling wrap and put into fridge for 30 min.

4) Put non-stick pan on low heat (no need to grease), use a large spoon/scoop, scoop the batter, pour into centre of pan and allow it to spread into a round shape naturally. If you want even sized pancakes, ensure you scoop the same amount every time. It cooks very quickly, so after pouring the batter, wait for 15-20 seconds or look out for bubbles forming on the batter, and check the underside if it has turned brown.

See the little bubbles forming near the edges? It means the pancake is cooked on the underside, and ready to be flipped over. Depending on the “doneness” preferred, leaving it longer will turn the pancake brown and overdone; making it stiffer too.


– Other mummies who tried this shared that they can be made in advance to freeze for the week ahead, Just separate each pancake with baking paper, put into ziplock bag and keep in freezer. When preparing to eat, thaw pancakes and steam or heat over pan.
– Ensure baby is not allergic to eggs before offering. Alternatively, bananas can be used to replace eggs.
– For added dose of proteins, fibre and vitamins, add fruits like blueberries, strawberries or pumpkin into pancake mix or serve them on the sides for a nutritious meal.
– Plain flour can also be replaced with Wholemeal/Wholewheat ones. Again, some babies might have wheat allergies, so just make sure that all’s clear before mixing.

This cheeky girl was full of expressions while seated in front of our full height mirror. Self-entertainment while mummy watches on as she enjoyed her pancakes. Abit of butter (we used Golden Churn Pure Creamery Butter) was also spread on the edges of some pancake pieces to test her receptiveness – well, she gobbled them too! Can’t get enough of her antics, never fail to make us laugh and amuse us in the morning. Great way to start our weekends!

Personally, I like it on its own or savoury with butter, and the hubs likes his sweet with manuka honey/maple syrup. This is a flexi-recipe too, so feel free to tweak it to suit the tastebuds of different family members! :) They make quick brunch ideas too, add eggs (poached, scrambled, bull’s eye) and sides like sautéed mushrooms, smoked salmon, sausages and veggies like mixed greens, and another meal is ready!

Hope you enjoy whipping up these easy pancakes too! Tell us how it went too, alright? :) We’re on Facebook and Instagram too.


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