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Penang Travelogue – Day 4

The last day of our 4D3N trip sees us gobbling down more Penang local treats! But alas, the wet weather was a dampener because we were so close to having that popular chendol in the alley! With only a few hours in Penang before heading to the airport, we tried to fill our tummies up in the best possible way.

Day 4: Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul – Hotel – Penang International Airport – Singapore

We were feeling lazy and didn’t wake up very early and only sashayed down for breakfast closed to closing time. After some quick bites of the same food, we went back to our room to do last minute packing and bring our luggage down to the concierge.

YAY grapes!!
“Plain porridge?? Hmmmm.. I need to order from the menu!”


Selfie time with mummy after a quick nursing session while daddy packs our stuff ;) Love her cute Zara Baby tee but she’s since outgrown them now… and her comfy Mothercare shorts is our fave too!
Cheeky baby!

To make the most of time, we decided to venture out to try the popular chendol, laksa and fried kway teow that were in the alleys. Fingers crossed on the weather though! We hailed 2 cabs to get us all to Joo Hooi Café at Penang Road, where the famous Penang food were! BUTTTT, it started to drizzle during our ride there and when we reached the stall, there was a crowd and queue (YES, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!) despite the rain! Arghhh! The indoor seated area was full, needless to say. Sigh. Seems like luck wasn’t on our side. With our hopes dashed, we started to walk away from the stall, in hope of seeing a similar eatery so we could have our early lunch. It continued to rain, and then hubs started walking further to check out what else there might be way in front, while we took shelter at the row of shophouses. He came back telling us that there was a food place on the other side of the road, fortunately accessible with a sheltered overhead bridge. With 2 borrowed brollys from the hotel, we carefully made our way over while carrying baby V. At this point, the stroller just seemed so extra, but was thankful that my sister’s BF helped to lug it over the overhead bridge for us.

Nonetheless, we settled for Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul (serves up Penang’s famous delights!) at Komtar Walk. Komtar Walk is a shopping mall, which during its heydays, was pretty popular. But now, it seems to have been reduced to a sleepy-looking and boring mall, with dim lights and shops that are less than inviting. There was even a Old Town White Coffee eatery and another eatery (can’t remember what food) and both had service crew looking out of place because they were empty. Here’s what was served up for the last leg of our Penang tummy trail!

Assam Laksa! My sis liked this! This looks pretty much like the one we had on Day One, and I hereby conclude that those “overcooked” bee hoon was normal. LOL! Guess i’m too used to al dente ones :P
This looked good – Dad and sis’s bf had this and I couldn’t resist not ordering one for myself after my tasteless Nasi Lemak.
They ran out of chicken wings :( So this was what I had… but didn’t bother finishing it cos it would have been a waste of tummy space. I usually don’t waste food, so if that happens, the food must have been pretty bad… Very faint tinge of coconut flavour in the rice… sigh…
Chee Cheong Fun for sharing – was pretty normal.
Had not eaten Rojak since I was preggers so this was probably my first after having baby V? Taste was okay, dough fritters (youtiao) could have been crispier, but that’s a personal preference :)
The famous chendol! Since we couldn’t try the one at Penang Road, here’s it’s closest bet. Im not much of a coconut fan, but this was pretty nice; not too jerlat or overpowering…

After filling our bellies and thankfully, the rain stopped. We hopped onto cabs near Komtar Walk to make our way back to the hotel where our pre-arranged driver uncle was to send us. It wasn’t Tonny this time, as they apparently sub-out our request to a 3rd party, who took a long time to get to our hotel and left us worried about missing our flight. Managed to get to the airport in time and the queue at the check-in counter was already forming. Baby V nursed in the cab and fell asleep… how nice to be sleeping in such weather…

She continued to zzzzz even when we got out of the car! Must be really tired…
Annoying hubs tried to be funny….. -_-


Till we meet again, Penang! Thank you for having us! Some of you might have noticed that we were supposed to be travelling to Tasmania this month (in fact, we should be there right now) but things have cropped up at the extended family end, so the trip was cancelled. Nothing to be sad about because things happened for a reason. Glad that everything is okay now, and well, we saved on the trip, if that’s something :) Time to make plans for 2015! Will you be travelling this December? Do share with us your experience too!

We hope you have enjoyed our simple snippets of our Penang holiday. Travelling with a baby can be challenging but yet fun! Stick around, okay? We’re on Facebook and Instagram too :)



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