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Getting More for Less with iPrice Coupons


As a working mum, my lifestyle habits have changed now that time seems to speed past. Eating at my normal pace (aka slowly, for those who know me. LOL!) is considered a luxury when baby V is in our company. Needless to say, when we were out with baby V (and lugging a boulder of a diaper bag) during the maternity leave, any chance of heading to the mall with even the slightest hint of a shopping opportunity, would get me all fired up. No time to sashay through the racks? My speed-master mantra: Like, try (or don’t try), buy and get out in 10 mins, pronto! I felt as though I was let out from a mountain, banished for 9999 years and finally seeing daylight :(

In between these pockets of luck to hit the malls, I get by with online shopping instead. Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays are some of the best times to get click-happy, and those extra savings can get you more (for parents, that could roll into diaper funds. Ha!) That was exactly what the Hub and I did. With nary a time to shop for our Chinese New Year clothing, we bull-dozed our way through, otherwise I might ended up wearing some random outfit from my wardrobe.

Online shopping is a norm these days. Time-strapped urbanites who have limited time for physical mall-hopping can do so virtually and probably fuel their soul while at it.

The burgeoning number online shopping trend year on year, in Singapore!
The burgeoning number online shopping trend year on year, in Singapore!

It’s also easy to compare prices and promotions on smartphones or PCs/laptops anywhere. What would make things better, is a one-stop site which showcases coupon codes, discounts and vouchers of your favourite online stores.

Introducing iPrice Coupons Singapore, a local setup which aims to provide shoppers with the best coupons, discounts and voucher codes from international e-commerce merchants. This has escalated money-saving options to another level for savvy consumers in this region. Who wouldn’t like a discount, right? :P

Get instant coupons, discounts and voucher codes!
Get instant coupons, discounts and voucher codes!

Get more for less when you shop with their listed merchants, including Zalora Singapore, Foxysales,, Zuji Singapore and even SmartBuyGlasses! With more e-retailers coming onboard, that means a more exciting shopping experience plus more savings.

Using the discount codes is easy: 1) Click on your desired coupon; 2) Click on “Get the Code” (and a popup with the promo code appears) or “Go to Offer”; and you’re linked to the merchant’s site right away!

keep calm and retail therapy

Wonders an internet connection can do! Now, please excuse me while I do some online screen-shopping as my baby sleeps…. :)

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