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It’s November Already?!


You would have probably heard this several times by now but… time flies!!! Before we know it, we’re reaching the tail end of 2012. How’s the year been for you?

Much has happened, and I hate have to admit, it’s been a relatively rollercoaster-ly like year of sorts.

Bottomline: Change is the only constant.

That said, another year = growth in wisdom. I do believe, things happen for reasons. And challenges present themselves as opportunities for growth in different dimensions as well as the various roles we play in life (personal, intellectual, maturity, mental etc.). The ways in which we evolve and perhaps, morph into a certain individual.

As Shakespeares summed it: Life is a stage, and we are but mere actors on it. Couldn’t agree otherwise ;)

On a lighter note (oops, might have sounded a little emo with the opening), snapshots of FUN stuff sighted recently – did you catch them too?


Jeremy Scott springs surprises at us with loud prints of our fave 90s cartoonista – Bart!! Who else does it better than the guy who paired Adidas with soft cuddly bears in neon shades (shoes, jackets), and wings on Adidas shoes? Even The LA Times gives their nod of approval. Who would have thought! Give me Bart – he’s the guy.

Comic Book Cool


When funk and art collide, we get hoot-worthy pop art pieces that become overnight arm candy or statement fashion bits. Thanks to the Break-up pouch (above) from 3.1 Phillip Lim, a punch of Ka-pow! to hit the style meter!



Move over, ballet flats and loafers. The smoking slipper (does not bear resemblance to flip flops nor Havaianas!) are now a fashion must-have. Despite its humble historical footings as men’s indoor slippers, this paradigm evolution has gotten celebs like Alexa Chung and Dakota Fanning, lusting after them too!


What fashion item are you eyeing right now? We’re coveting these and can’t wait to get our hands on them!

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Enjoy the breezzzzzzy weekend, peeps! :D

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