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Rainy Days are Here

Wet weather greets us almost every other day. Ain’t gonna let that be a mood dampener! Here’s what we’ve been up to – coffee and food, new beauty loots, fun events and more!20121113-150442.jpgHappy birthday, Kayla! This year old sassy lady has attitude!20121113-150513.jpgHappy birthday, Baelien! Cousin of Kayla and just a few days apart, this boy is already up and about, running all over!
20121113-150553.jpgNail painting is a great way to add a touch of colours (and good for indoors). Colours from Sally Hansen and Anne & Florio, Nail Treatment from Sally Hansen, Scotch Magic Tape for some edgy funk! Here’s how they turned out:20121113-150628.jpgTA-DA!
Confession: I’m not an artsy kid so… That’s about how the painting skills can stretch :p20121113-150700.jpgThy mane’s been the bane of havoc with colour jobs and daily toasts from hair blowing. Crazy weather doesn’t help either. Essential Naunce Airy Hair Essence comes to the rescue! Looks oily but hey, it ain’t greasy upon application, so limpy, flat hair’s the least of worries! Instead, my hair untangles easily (used after blowdry and before combing thru), and feels light without the weight of oils (like how olive oil and some other treatments leave such afterfeel). That’s not all, my hair is tame and stays in shape for the whole day! No unruly mop haha! Definitely heart this! Thumbs up:) Get yours at Watsons, Guardian and other convenient stores or retail chains.
20121113-150746.jpgStaying indoors mean spending more time in front of the Telly and electronic gadgets like the iPad. Wouldn’t hurt to feed on healthy desserts like Marigold Non-fat Yogurt, Alive Yogurt and Marigold jelly! Vitamins, minerals, fibre and calcium all in one tub – what’s not to love? Assorted flavors for all taste buds so head over to your nearest supermarket to stock up! P/S: More often than not, there’s a special offer so do check out them out!20121113-150812.jpgGet those power antioxidants in a glass of juice or yogurt drink! Great way to refresh on a humid day too! Wanna get creative? Pour them into ice moulds and freeze them. Serve them with a fizzy drink (preferably light colored) and surprise guests with this new mix! We love Fruittree Fresh and Marigold varieties.20121113-150905.jpgWet weather and hot coffee go hand in hand anytime. Forty Hands at Seng Poh Rd has the answer. “Forty Hands has the best coffee in Singapore!” exclaimed a young lady heading towards the entrance of Forty Hands. That shoved us towards its door just as we were debating between it, Open Door Policy and Social Haus.
Hungry moi went with The Big Breakfast (check out their 80’s plate!), Hub had the Jamaican Pork sandwich and a Scoonkie (a cross between scone and cookie), which the Hub was all praise for! Cappuccino was aromatic and oh-so-good… Bookmark this place now!20121113-150938.jpgOutfit of the day: Top from GG<5, assorted bangles from Forever 21, chunky bangle from Cotton On, ring from Bangkok.20121113-151400.jpgJust this weekend on 10 and 11 Nov, Key Editions, publisher of Singapore’s Child magazine, held the Star of Singapore’s Child event in search of parent-child lookalikes and their next cover star! Patrick and Spongebob helped grace the event too! Hello, Patrick! :D

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