Dad’s Memories from Colbar

Tucked away in secluded Wessex Estate, at Wittchurch Road, Colbar sits cosy amidst British colonial houses and other chill out joints. With its legendary beginnings since the British army days, this nondescript restaurant/coffee shop stands tough over the years. In 2003, Colbar had to relocate to its current spot when the government decided to make way for a new expressway. Just a stone’s throw away, this quaint old place retains most of their furniture and most definitely memories and culinary serves.



During his younger days, Dad pushed hard through the start of his career (and still as hard now; perhaps a notch lower), juggling work with night classes. Thrice a week on week nights, the lady boss, Mrs Lim, diligently prepares his toast with scrambled eggs and coffee set, ready for him to pick up when he drives by. Her unwavering support for the next 3 years sealed their friendship, and visits to Colbar continues when my dad was dating my mum, got married, had us and now, we are grown ups already!

Knowing that dad hadn’t a clue where Colbar had moved to, I decided to surprise him with a dinner visit a couple of weekends back. This dinner brought back heartwarming memories for him, as well as Mrs Lim; both of whom still remember each other with endearing fondness :)


Dad and mum both had their all-time fave pork chop with wedges and button mushrooms.


Hubby’s Maryland chicken with fried banana (the one on the bottom right – nope, it’s not a huge wedge…)

My fried chicken thigh with wedges and button mushrooms!

Enjoy the serenity and privacy with beer and good company. Definitely a pit-stop for homecooked food :)

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