T.G.I.F. American Style

It’s finally TGIF! Woohoo!!
Time to chill and welcome the weekend with open arms! :D

Food makes us happy (and end up with a round tubby!) so tonight’s chillax session was at T.G.I.F. Fridays @I12 Katong, the new foodie’s mall that undergone a recent facelift. The swanky new kid in town is proving to be drawing in crowds in at the later days of the week, which is good news since the old Katong Mall was just a living shadow with poor tenant mix that pull in limited crowd. With anchor tenants like Toast Box/BreadTalk (that’s a crowd pleaser for the young and old already!) plus a cinema (fills that cinema gap on our map) and plenty of food choices from Japanese, Western, Chinese – totally spoilt for choice!

Dive into our dinner admist Pop music and soccer matches on those TV screens!

 French Onion Soup to kickstart the sinful weekend – topped with bruschetta and a generous layer of cheeeeeese.

The serving was rather small (only 4 white buttom mushrooms), stuffed with minced beef and cheese. A tad too much sodium for our liking though but still loved the mushies!

To satisfy our cravings for USA’s buffalo wings! Missing those wings we had during our roadtrip to California. YUMS! Brings back those memories for sure ;)

Fresh prawns and chicken meat surrounded by creamy linguine – sauce was slightly too heavy (or perhaps it was cheese overload :S). Got quite jerlat (Malay language: feeling sick after eating too much of something)



      1. Errrr, good question…bloated maybe? Not nearly so expressive though…satiated is quite a good word I suppose, but again, doesn’t hit the nail on the head in quite the same way I don’t think :)

  1. Tricky eh? Can’t seem to find the exact word and explanation :P
    Prolly like “my tongue and tummy had enough!” kinda meaning to it… hee!

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