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The Battle of the Strongest

The challenge begins!

Sophia Ong and Jen Li Sheng have just added “Strongest” to their achievements – Sophia is Singapore’s inaugural Strongwoman and Li Sheng, Singapore’s Strongman for the 3rd time.

Organized by HomeTeamNS since 2005, the stakes are pushed higher this year with Stamford Tyre Flips (Men: 350kg; Women: 150kg), 3M Scotch Log Walks (Men: 240kg; Women: 100kg), Mazda Zoom-zoom Car Pull (2 tonnes), SCDF Red Rhino + SPF Police Jeep Pull and Samsui Yoke Walk for the men. Click here to find out more on the preliminary rounds and challenge details.

The strongmen flexing their biceps and lifting those 3M Scotch logs, weighing 120kg each! Even bleeding hands aren’t gonna stop them.

As these tough-tackling challengers battle it out at each station, anxiety, sweat and blood purged through their pores as their fighting spirit spurred them on to give it their best shots. Onlookers and supporters at Toa Payoh yesterday cheered them on and were undeniably impressed by their unwavering determination and strength, both physically and mentally.

The six women finalists took the limelight and portrayed superb motivation throughout the challenge. At 1.58m, Thng Shi Qi stands petite amongst the rest but that does not stop her from undergoing gruelling strength building trainings to prepare for this day. Kudos to these ladies who aren’t afraid to put up a fierce show and being a learning inspiration to remind us that most times, it’s mind over body – mental strength gives us that extra edge in times of challenges. 

The superwomen flipping tires that more than double their body weight – 150kg giant Stamford tyres are no joke…

… but it takes a crew of 10-men to roll them back.

HomeTeamNS is a merger between the former Singapore Civil Defence Association for National Servicemen (CDANS) and the Singapore Police Association for National Servicemen (SPANS). As the Civil Defence and Police Forces have to work hand in hand to safeguard Singapore’s security, the merger between CDANS and SPANS creates a shared environment for NSmen from both Forces to foster better relations. HomeTeamNS was officially launched by Home Affairs Minister Mr Wong Kan Seng on 24 April 2005. Check out ‘LIVE’ interviews of the outstanding challengers by RazorTV.


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