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Get your Daily Fix with Jewel Coffee Gemma Subscription Plans!

I’m sure you’d know we’re avid coffee drinkers – from our local Singapore Kopi to the Cappuccinos from hipster cafes’, hot brews are our daily fuel. What if I told you that there’s a pocket-friendly way to sip espresso-based drinks in the comfort of your own home? Cue: Jewel Coffee Gemma subscription plans!

We love coffee so much that one of our must-buy for our home was a Nespresso machine. It was a red, shiny machine that sat beautifully on our kitchen top, housed with a frothier haha. Sadly, its serving days ended several years ago.

review Jewel Coffee Gemma Subscription Plans
With just $1 per month for the Gemma Nespresso machine, the Jewel Coffee Gemma Subscription Plans make it really affordable to get your caffeine fix!

How can we enjoy espresso at home without ordering Starbucks or from our nearest cafes? This desire for convenience birthed the marriage of two brands: Jewel Coffee, our homegrown specialty coffee brand, and Nespresso, the innovative gamechanger in the coffee industry.

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Jewel Coffee Gemma Subscription Plans; just $1/month for the Gemma Coffee Machine!

Not ready to splurge on a coffee machine for your home or office? Now you can own the machine for just $1 a month PLUS experience the various flavours of coffee capsules with this wallet-friendly arrangement. What a brilliant idea!

Jewel Coffee Gemma subscription plans are categorised according to Silver, Gold and Premium. From $29.90/month, you get to drink at least 40 capsules or as many as 100 capsules a month! Taking an average cost of 50 cents per capsule, that’s equivalent to 10 to 15 cups of Cappuccino from your favourite cafes for the price of 1 Jewel Coffee Nespresso coffee capsule!

Well, what’s the difference between the monthly fee payment versus the prepaid annual fee? Payment runs every month for monthly subscriptions, whereas prepaid subscription is charged annually.

What’s more, there’s a 20% discount off the prepaid fees and that means EXTRA SAVINGS! Compare between different Gemma subscription plans to see which works best for you. The subscription period runs over 12 months. Pick the Jewel Coffee Gemma subscription plan that suits your needs – savings are significant with more capsules and the Prepaid option!

Choose your favourite Jewel Coffee Nespresso Compatible Specialty Coffee Capsules

Jewel Coffee works with local roasters to create house blends for all to enjoy at home or at the office. Easily done by popping a capsule, pressing a button and waiting for the coffee aroma to fill the air. Ahhh…

As for coffee flavours, you can select any of Jewel Coffee’s coffee capsule variety too! These halal-certified coffee capsules include: 4 single-origins (El Salvador, Sumatra, Brazil and Colombia) and 4 blends (Bold As Love, Lightning Bolt, Dream Factory and Crystal Ball). Something for every coffee enthusiast!

Jewel Coffee Gemma Subscription Plans
Love trying different coffee flavours? Choose from a variety of Jewel Coffee capsules that fit most Nespresso machines!

You’d be spoilt for choice trying to decide which flavour notes, intensity and origin/blend to try! Each box of Jewel Coffee capsules is priced at $7.90 for 10 capsules.

Best of all, Jewel Coffee Nespresso coffee capsules are compatible with most Nespresso machines! Earth-loving friends will be happy to know that these coffee capsules are 100% biodegradable and compostable; no recycling needed. Feel free to add coffee capsules to your DIY household compost bins too!

Jewel Coffee Gemma Subscription Plans in Singapore review
There are 8 types of Nespresso Compatible Specialty Coffee Capsules to choose from! How do you like your coffee?

Otis Oat Milk offers Dairy-free, Plant-based Alternatives to Coffee Drinkers

Indeed, all the dairy-free milk substitutes such as almond milk and oat milk that I’ve bought were for my kids. They guzzle tons of fresh cow’s milk every week. Mama just want to switch things a little by introducing other tastes and nutrients in their diet.

Did you know that oat milk is a more sustainable alternative to animal-derived milk like cow and goat? With Otis Oat Milk, I added their plant-based Barista milk to my fresh brew of Jewel Coffee (Sumatra) – and it was creamy with a hint of acidity and depth. We don’t have a frothier now so it’s just coffee, milk and zero sugar. Definitely a healthier to instant coffee, isn’t it?

Review of Otis Oat Milk with Jewel Coffee
Just Jewel Coffee espresso and Otis Oat Milk? YUMS! Keep it simple and healthier too!

Hailing from New Zealand and made with 100% Kiwi oats, Otis dairy-free creamy oat milk is created for a frothy finish with espresso. Pairs well with cereal and smoothies too. High in calcium and fortified with vitamins D2, B2 and B12, oat milk is a delicious source of dietary fiber too.

Jewel Coffee Gemma Subscription Plans
Having a freshly brewed cuppa can be as easy as 1, ,2, 3 with Jewel Coffee Nespresso machine and capsules.

There are 3 types of Otis Oat Milk in Singapore:

  • The Barista one
  • The Everyday one
  • Chocolate – NEWLY LANCHED in 2022!

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