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Free Diapers and Milk? Yes, It’s True!

Surviving the first trimester seems challenging, especially if pregnant mamas are experiencing terrible morning sickness, loss of appetite, lethargy and even weight loss. Your gynaes may actually prescribe supplements to complement your diet… Continue reading

17 Things That Go Through a Pregnant Mum’s Mind During the Third Trimester

Pregnancy during the third trimester can be quite a ride. Being bigger all over, and experiencing some┬áless-than-desired symptoms such as insomnia or frequent visits to the loo, it’s all getting real – baby’s… Continue reading

My Toddler Said to Me “Baby Come Out, Me Drink Mummy’s Neh Neh!”

Dear baby V, Mummy has been meaning to chronicle our breastfeeding journey since forever, and this draft has been collecting dust since you were 8 months old. Now that baby B2 is growing… Continue reading

Pregnancy Tonics: Premium Ginseng Performance Soup

Panax Ginseng (which appears in your skincare products with this INCI name too), refers to Asian or Korean Ginseng. Commonly known as simply ‘Ginseng’, this herb is traditionally taken for its health benefits… Continue reading

Pregnancy Tonics: Herbal Soup with Dang Shen, Wolfberries and Red Dates

This simple pregnancy tonics soup recipe was shared by my mother-in-law, and my dear hubs helped to prepare the concoction after checking with her. Dang Shen, also known as, Codonopsis Pilosula, is a… Continue reading

Pregnancy Tonics: 6 Herbs Nourish Soup

As part of my pregnancy journey with B2, I’ve gotten quite a few wake-up calls pertaining to my health. With a toddler plus a bun baking in the oven, things are rather different… Continue reading

Pregnancy Tonics: Black Chicken Soup with Essence of Chicken Recipe

Pregnancy can be a challenging journey for some. And this time round, it has been somewhat different, especially being preggers and caring for another child. Well, toddlerhood is a new story altogether, isn’t… Continue reading

Babymoon: Parents’ Guilt, Fun in the Sun and Everything in Between (Day 1/5)

We’ve had several friends asking…. and I guess, it’s no longer under wraps. So, yes! We’re expanding the brood and little Vera is gonna be a little big sister soon! With the second… Continue reading

9 Popular and Cute Kids on Instagram Everyone is Crazy Over!

Warning: This article may contain excitable materials for women and men of child-bearing age. If you own an Instagram account and are a parent, it’s highly likely that your account is now filled… Continue reading

Record-breaking Breastfeeding Challenge – and We Were There Too!

Remember our previous article on the Breastfeeding Challenge organised by Thomson Medical Centre (TMC)? We are honoured to be invited to be part of the event, and the turnout was a pleasant surprise!… Continue reading