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My Trusty Solution to Soothe Sore Throats

Sore throats can be painfully pesky, and really stubborn. Whenever I feel some discomfort creeping up, I’d try different natural ways to soothe those sore throats.

A sore throat is our body’s way of telling us that it’s fighting a viral or bacterial infection. Thus, our immune system’s natural reaction leads to inflammation and the swelling of our mucous membranes in the throat. That’s why when the doctors tell us to say “Ahh!”, a red and swollen throat are tell-tale signs that our body’s defense is at work!

how to soothe sore throats
I’ve been taking Leftose® Tablets to soothe sore throats, while the Leftose® Lozenges provide relief for my painful throat too.

Asian culture suggests that sore throats are caused by body heatiness. The imbalance of our yin and yang leads to throat inflammation, which may result in coughs and phlegm.

Personally, my preference is to take natural supplements to soothe my sore throats as they help me feel better.

How to soothe sore throats quickly?

To me, relieving the pain is important lest the inflammation gets worse! So if you’re prone to sore throats like me, do get it sorted early!

For me, it usually starts with some pain when I swallow my saliva, or, throat dryness. At this stage, I’d be trying either honey water or homemade chrysanthemum to alleviate the pain without drowsy medicine.

soothe sore throats leftose
What I eat to fight throat inflammation: Leftose® Tablets, which are super tiny! And, Leftose® Lozenges to dissolve phlegm.

Here’s sharing my review of Leftose®, a trusted brand across generations and around the world to help tackle sore throats.

I discovered Leftose® many years ago when a certain brand no longer worked for my irritable throat. Since then, I’ve gone through boxes of Leftose® tablets that are non-drowsy (YAY!) and super tiny & easy to swallow (double YAY!) I’ll take the tablets whenever I feel the onset of a throat inflammation. When it evolves, I’ll take the Honey Lozenges to soothe and provide relief for the discomfort.

soothe sore throats with leftose for kids and adults
Leftose® has non-drowsy solutions to tackle sore throats. These cough supplements are formulated with lysozyme, a natural enzyme found in human’s saliva, tears, breastmilk and nasal discharge.

Leftose® offers a natural solution to soothe sore throats

Formulated with Lysozyme, a natural enzyme found in our tears, milk and saliva. Leftose® helps to provide relief for my painful throat, whilst blasting phlegm when the sore throat evolves. These are my must-have for throat inflammation over the years!

I’ve always been prone to having sore throats – pretty sure my colleagues can attest to this because that often leads to a runny nose, fever and then I’m a goner. Thus, it’s so important to ensure my upper respiratory tract is in good form now by trying to *ohm* more! 

lozenges to soothe sore throats
Kids who are able to suck on lozenges can take these Leftose® Lozenges for throat relief, in addition to the Leftose® Syrup for kids.

Can Leftose help relieve kids’ irritated throats too?

Leftose® Syrup for Kids contains 0.5% of the active ingredient, Lysozyme, and both Vera and Leroy readily accept the taste of the Leftose® syrup for kids – PHEW!

leftose syrup for kids sore throat
Now, there are stickers inside the Leftose® Syrup for kids! A little extra as a reward for the brave little warriors who are fighting throat inflammation!

Suitable for kids 1 year old and above, this non-drowsy syrup helps to dissolve phlegm and relieve their sore throats too. NOW, each bottle comes with stickers too – parents can use them as reward stickers to add some cheer, right?

I first knew of Leftose® (for adults and kids) from different General Practitioners (GP) as doctors prescribe them too. Now, I simply buy them from pharmacies at Watson’s, Guardian, Glovida or Unity in Singapore. As you can see, I’ve TONS as standby! HAHA!

^P/S: Leftose® is developed with Lysozyme Hydrochloride, which comes from egg white, and may not be suitable for folks who have egg allergies.

Do you and your family take Leftose® to rid your sore throats and phlegm too? Feel free to share any natural home remedies that work for you too!

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