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Rice Cooker Pumpkin Rice Recipe

This rice cooker pumpkin rice has been a hit with the discerning husband (and our occasional-fussy toddler too!), and we’ve since made it several times over.

Finally putting this easy recipe down in our library of kitchen experiments! Let your rice cooker create magic meals too! :)

Rice Cooker Pumpkin Rice


White rice, washed (use the amount for the number of pax that you cook for) – feel free to use brown rice or multigrain, but you may need to do a little trial and error with the water level

Pumpkin, cut into preferred chunks or cubes

Mushroom, sliced or cut into halves as preferred – shitake, Chinese black mushrooms or button mushrooms are great

Dried shrimps/Chinese sausage – we do variations of this, and sometimes use both or one of them when the other is available/unavailable!

5 tablespoon Dark Sauce

3 tablespoon Light Sauce

3 tablespoon Abalone Sauce or Oyster Sauce

200ml water


  1. Heat up wok and pour some oil. Put mushrooms, dried shrimps/Chinese sausages into wok and fry till fragrant. Put pumpkin in before the shrimps are cooked. Remove all and set aside.
  2. Heat up wok and pour washed uncooked rice, all 3 sauces and water onto wok. There’s no need to add oil. Stir to mix, and let water boil, then turn off the fire.
  3. Place everything into rice cooker, and check water level to ensure it’s sufficient to cook your desired amount of rice* – refer to tips below on how much water to use to cook rice. Turn on rice cooker, and let it work its magic! If you’re trying it for the first time, you might need a little trial and error since different brands of rice cooker may have different settings.
Easy one-pot meal ideas rice cooker pumpkin rice recipe
Yummy and easy one-pot meals are the best time savers! They pack a punch of nutrition, and are healthy for the family too!


Easy one-pot meal ideas rice cooker pumpkin rice recipe
This Rice Cooker Pumpkin Rice recipe is versatile too – simply add ingredients such as cabbage and chicken to give it a different twist!


  • This super easy Rice Cooker Pumpkin Rice makes a yummy, healthy one-pot dish too! You can easily make it a balanced one-dish meal by adding chicken too.
  • I’ve to add that this recipe is really versatile too – we’ve done different variations too it as well! Try cabbage and chicken; or add cashew nuts into the rice before serving, for that extra crunch!
  • Here’s a helpful guide on how much water to use when cooking rice:
Image result for how much water to use to cook rice
Credit: Kitchen in Korea




We hope your family enjoys this simple Rice Cooker Pumpkin Rice recipe too! What are some of your favourite dishes that you’ve created with your Rice Cooker? Do share with us too!

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