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Relationships: The Gift of Words and Time is Better than a Store-bought Item

If there’s one thing I’d like to make plans for in 2017, that would be setting aside time to nurture my relationships.

Besides chasing after dreams and passion, and working hard for our financial needs, we often push away the chance to tend to our social needs, especially when time is so limited these days.

I’ve to admit, it can be difficult especially now that we have young children who need our time and presence, in addition to the multiple roles and commitments we have.

Moms’ guilt is just one of the many reasons why it’s hard to meet as often, while making alternative arrangements to help with the kids is an art and science. Simply put, that also means the support team who’s helping to care for them has to make adjustments to their schedule too, right? If I’ve to be out, arrangements will be made with the husband so he can be home with both kids. If it’s our extended family, sometimes, it feels like we are also accumulating favours there.

gift love words prudential relationship index Singapore
Relationships are formed with love, time and words. Remember to dedicate these to the other relationships in your life too!

I would think that fellow parents would understand – surprisingly, I’ve had mum friends who snigger when I have to skip meetups. Oh well, to each her own, I suppose?

So friends, if you’ve been seeing less of me since 2013,  I hope you understand my struggles.

While it may seem easy to schedule work meetings, but how often do we deliberately make time for our loved ones? Let’s not forget those whom have been with us over the years, or even since the day we were born.

And by that, I mean kinship, close friends and people that matter.

Thanks to my involvement in the Prudential Relationship Index campaign, it rudely jolted my senses to the people I’ve not been dedicating much of my time to.

So yes, I’ve deliberately made it a point to meet my Mother and Sister for dinner every month on a particular day.

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Dinner with 2 important women in my life – one whom I've known since i was born, the other I've known since she was born ❤️ It must have been eons since we last did this, but nonetheless, happy to start making time for those who matter. . It's been some crazy week juggling deadlines, new school (yup, thankful for a new one just a stone's throw away!), work arrangements, changes on the home front, a teething baby, a cuddly toddler transiting to new faces and everything else in between. Finally, a proper, unhurried meal tonight. . Here's a virtual Spinach Dumpling with Shrimp to share with everyone who needs a boost of Popeye's💪🏼Remember to make time for the important relationships in your life. Happy midweek!! 😄

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I’m also very thankful for circles of friends and ex-colleagues who have been organising gatherings, and we continue to bond even if we don’t meet that often.

A friend even commented that I was taking this Prudential campaign a little too seriously. Honestly, I ought to be thankful for this not-so-gentle reminder of relationship challenges, isn’t it?

Besides my maiden family, the other person whom I’ve been spending lesser time with, would be my husband, K.

Not to worry, all is well in our marriage and relationship, and we are both working on our own dreams which need abit more time at this point. Whoever said marriage and growing old together were easy? :P

There are many things that we don’t say to our loved ones; not because we don’t care, but more so because we are often embarrassed (or feel paiseh) to mutter words that come from the bottom of our hearts, which is typical of Asian families. But sometimes, we forget to think: if we don’t say it to them now, will there be a next time? Time waits for no one, and we really can’t predict what will happen next.

So, if you were presented an opportunity to express your thoughts to a friend or someone in the family, what would you tell them?

Here’s your chance to do that as a special gift to the person who matters – I mustered my courage and recorded a video for K yesterday. 

It wasn’t easy for me to do this… These days, we don’t often express our appreciation with words, thanks to our busy schedules and “more practical” discussions in between.

To those who are watching it, promise not to laugh, okay? It’s completely raw and unedited!


You’re Invited: Dedicate the Words of Love with the Prudential #OnePersonOneThing Initiative

Come visit the Prudential #OnePersonOneThing booth to express your heartfelt appreciation to an important person by recording a video clip and share it with him/her!

Date: 7 – 9 December 2016
Time: 10am to 7pm
Venue: Ocean Financial Centre, 10 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049315

It only takes a few minutes to say what truly matters, and that can make a huge difference to another person’s day and life.  Most importantly, your relationship will enjoy a new breath of fresh air and a quantum leap with this brave step that you take. #RelationshipReconnect #RelationshipIndex #OnePersonOneThing

When did you last speak words of love to an important person in your life? Remember to nurture relationships with time and words to reconnect with our loved ones!

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