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Easy Seafood Tom Yum Soup Recipe

There’s just something comforting about soups, isn’t it?

We’ve experimented with different soups, and managed to put a few soup recipes down too. Soups for pregnant mums to western soups and family-friendly soups, they are really easy to make, and pack wholesome nutrition too!

Craving for some Tom Yum Soup? Let’s go Thai with a simple homemade Seafood Tom Yum Soup you can make easily!

According to WebMD, lemongrass seems to offer a host of health benefits when cooked: acts as mild astringent, used to treat digestive tract spasms, coughs, common colds, fever etc. As an essential oil, lemongrass provides relief to muscle aches, headaches and is often used during massages or diffused in the home.

We chanced upon the pre-packed Tom Yum Set of ingredients at Cold Storage and Giant Hypermart at the organic section and it costs $2.80. We’ve also spotted a similar set (non-organic version) at FairPrice for $3.50 (if my memory did not fail me…) We’ve since tried both, and both worked well for us.

Making Tom Yum Soup is really straightforward with the pre-packed set of ingredients. What could have been better? Include the steps on what to do. Honestly, it’s always best to put yourself in the customers shoes and make things as easy and convenient (read: dummy-proof) if you can, isn’t it? :P

To their credit, they’ve got a good set in there, so all you need are fresh ingredients and a soup base to get things boiling!

Easy Tom Yum Soup Recipe (3A + 1C)


1 set pre-packed Tom Yum Soup Set

2 Squids, cleaned, deboned and sliced into strips or rings

Prawns, cleaned and deshelled (if preferred)

3/4 pot of Chicken stock (you may like to include the prawn shells to make the soup sweeter)


1. Skin lemongrass and smash lightly to release fragrance. Smash ginger to flatten.

quick and easy seafood tom yum soup recipe

2. Place all ingredients from pre-packed Tom Yum Soup Set (except Chilli Padi and lime), into pot with chicken stock. Set to boil under medium flame, and lower to a small flame and allow to simmer for 1.5 – 2 hours.

3. Place cut Chilli Padi*, squid and prawns into soup and allow to boil for about 5 minutes. Check that squid and prawns are cooked and turn flame off. Squids risk being overcooked; to prevent that, do ensure they are not boiled for too long. Add a squeeze of lime and serve with rice!

*omit Chili Padi if serving young children or for guests/family who prefer a non-spicy version. Serve the non-spicy bowls of soup first before adding Chili Padi to pot when preparing the spicy version. 

quick and easy seafood tom yum soup recipe
Serving up a tangy bowl of hot and spicy homemade Seafood Tom Yum Soup!
Little V had her first bowl of Tom Yum Soup (sans Chilli Padi) too – happy to report that she liked it! :D


  • The Tom Yum Soup Set of ingredients can also be used to make different versions of Tom Yum Soup if your not a fan of seafood. Chicken fillet, sliced fish or even pork cubes can be used too!
  • One set was quite okay for offer a tinge of Tom Yum goodness, but feel free to double the dose if you’d like a stronger flavour. I’m not exactly a fan of Tom Yum (not quite a spicy food lover either) but hubs is, so he had his Tom Yum Soup with Chilli Padi! :P
  • The Tom Yum Soup Set seems rather versatile – anyone up to try a Tom Yum Fried Rice? :P

Do you like Tom Yum Soups too? Do share what you love to include in your Tom Yum Soups!

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