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Support Fund-Raising Initiative For Foster Children #NewMoonXComingHome

Fostering and adoption are entirely different.

For adoption, the adopted child assumes the rights of the natural child in the family via legal means, whereas fostering does not take away the child’s identity as part of his/her natural family.

Foster children are unable to live with their own families for reasons that include abuse, neglect, abandonment, or that their parents are unable to care for them. Foster families help to provide support to these children, taking care of their well-being and holistic development in a safe and nurturing home environment until he/she is ready to be integrated back into his/her own family.

With the growing number of foster families needed in Singapore, this led a group of final year students of National Technological University to drive this initiative, Coming Home, to raise awareness of foster care in Singapore among young working adults and tertiary students. Coming Home seeks to encourage these young adults to open their hearts and homes to children in need of care.

Foster families New Moon Coming Home fundraising campaign
The need for foster families in Singapore is increasing. Credit: Coming Home

Partnering our local homegrown brand, New Moon, the organization and students are championing the drive to help raise funds to support MCYC Community Services Society (MCYC) and its fostering roles.

Foster Connections @ MCYC
In June 2015, Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) appointed MCYC to set up a fostering agency to increase its outreach to a larger community, raise greater awareness on fostering and recruit more foster parents.  MCYC’s fostering agency is called Foster Connections@MCYC. It commenced operations on 1st September 2015.

As a fostering agency, Foster Connections@MCYC administers the Fostering Scheme for children below the age of 18 years old. It helps to provide a familial-based care option for children-in-care so that they can grow up in a safe environment with a full experience of family life. It is hoped that in such a family environment, these children-in-care can develop to their fullest potential.

Read real stories from foster families here.

Wish to be a foster family? Find out what the requirements are.

How Can We Help?

  1. Snap a photo that captures the warmth and joy of family.
  2. Share it on your Instagram with the hashtag #NewMoonXComingHome.
Foster families New Moon Coming Home fundraising campaign
Let’s do our part to help raise funds to help foster families! Project: New Moon X Coming Home #NewMoonXComingHome. Credit: Coming Home

Post a picture that captures the warmth and joy of family on Instagram using #NewMoonXComingHome and New Moon will donate up to $5000 to MCYC Community Services Society. Do note that only one photo per Instagram account will contribute to the goal!

Start spreading the love this festive season and encourage your family and friends to participate too!

*To fully support this campaign, please ensure that your Instagram account is public so that your image can be viewed.

Coming Home is on Instagram and Facebook too!

This initiative runs till end Jan 2016, so post away and share it with your friends!

Will you be hashtagging to help these foster children in Singapore too? :)

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  1. Thanks for taking up this initiative! I have yet to reply them because the first week of school is too much for me to handle! I had always wanted to foster because I want to do something for these children. But my husband is not FOR it because to him, it’s, “You are not tired enough taking care of your own kids?” In any case, this is for a decision when our children are older.

    1. Hehe yes, i’ve been following your first week, or rather, Faye’s :P
      Hope today goes nice and smooth!
      This is only a small gesture i can do to support their cause, and hopefully, word gets out for them to achieve their goal of 500 foster families this year :) That’s really nice of you to think of fostering!

  2. Thanks for sharing about this need. I honestly haven’t given this very much thought until recently, as I have a few friends considering become foster parents this year. Will be glad to help raise funds for the initiative through Instagram!

  3. This is a really wonderful initiative! Fostering a child really means taking care of the child like your own, which is no mean feat because you really need a lot of time, care and patience for these children.

    Hopefully the word gets around and they hit target soon!

    1. Yes, you’re right. It’s a responsibility too, albeit they may not be their own children but really, the effort stems from the goodness of one’s heart. Let’s do our part to help them reach their goal :)

  4. Lovely initiative. Always thought about fostering at the back of my head…. But that’s a real big step, not too sure how it will be.

  5. Have seen roadshows on fostering and I am happy to be helping some of these children in my field of work as well. Thank you for sharing the information.

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