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Weekends are precious family times for us but they are also the only time to jam pack a million other things. As working parents, we usually have a limited window of time on weekdays with baby V after we reach my mum’s place. My mum helps to care for her while we slog to bring home bacon (and cheese and pizza!) – that translates to around 1.5hrs to eat, play, fruits time for her, change diapers, wipe down for the night, change into PJs and fly home. To save time, yours truly do speedy showers too, otherwise, I’ll probably never get to shower after she sleeps…

Today, I’ll be sharing a sneak peek of one of the weekends for our humble family. This particular weekend, we were celebrating our pator (meaning: dating) anniversary with our little one. I had a ridiculously crazy idea to fulfil 9 happy moments with the hubs, in celebration of the 9 years together. And over the weekend, we were to fit 4 activities (of which 2 were dedicated to Vera, for the memorable years of having her: bump + after), attend a baby shower, drop by a friend’s place to pass her stuff, plus go to the in law’s, do our weekly supermarketing (my fave!)… so… go figure!

Here’s sharing one of the days, we went exploring with the little one!

9ish am: The little one stirs, and I’m trying to pretend I didn’t see or hear anything. The hubs turns over to check on her. She sleeps in between us, although we play musical chairs throughout the night, and rotate her on my left or right, thanks to night nursing. I’d usually try to nurse her if she cries, in hopes of putting her back to her drowsy state so that I can either: a) continue to catch more winks or b) check on my mobile and attempt to reply overnight texts and action on any notifications.

image image

Before 10am: Baby V wakes and turns to hug me and flashes a sunshine smile. I love it when she cuddles me but I think I’m like a huge bolster for her. Well, as long as she doesn’t mind. I’ve also realized that she usually ends up sleeping closer and closer to my armpit (?!) – I’m not sure what to think of it….

Daddy stirs and wakes too, as he’s the lighter sleeper between him and I. Unfortunately, maternal instincts have been brought out of the cupboard since Vera came along, and now the once sleeping log wakes so frequent during the night just to make sure she’s not dangling off the bed or squashed by her father. She rolls around and amuses us, and we decide to get ready for breakfast. I head to the kitchen to prepare Vera’s lunch for takeout. Today’s menu: Tofu Pork Patties with Kale that I managed to finally get my hands on the day before! Much to do today!


10.20am: We walked to Bedok Mall and headed to Toast Box to get a seat – hubs was craving for their laksa and I love it too, but I was nursing a bad throat, so I could only watch on…. Weekend breakfasts are usually at the mall or hubs will takeaway our fave White Bee Hoon/Porridge/Chwee Kueh from the market. Before we got married, my breakfasts were never that heavy. Could never fathom downing a bowl of noodles or fried carrot cake when my stomach has yet to waken! Well, they say “marry chicken, follow chicken” – I hope the man is not reading this!


10.40am: Toast Box was packed so we had to squeeze with another family of 3. The space is really tight and because there isn’t any high chair, Vera sits on my lap while I juggle eating soft boiled eggs, bo lo bun and coffee without spilling on her. She enjoyed her cheese bread that daddy bought and wanted his bread too.

12noon: We reached home and I prepared for her bath and packed her diaper bag. We needed extra clothes for her today since we were planning to tire her out expose her to fun activities.

12.40pm: Vera gets a shower and I dressed her up. Hubs decided that he could do a quicker job at food preps, so he proceeded to pan fry those Tofu Pork Patties whilst we were getting ready. We took turns to watch her while the other showered.

1.30pm: We were out of the house! Like, finally…. One of our neighbours tease Vera and invites her to her home – the little girl shakes her head and waves bye-bye, with a flying kiss, no less! We are really lucky to have awesome and kind neighbours!


2.15pm – 4pm: Arrived at our first stop dedicated to Vera – The Imaginarium at our Singapore Art Museum. Our first time here with her and since it allows her to explore different sights, and she gets to walk around freely, it seemed a fine place to take her although she wasn’t going to understand the exhibits. This exhibition for children is on till 19 July 2015, and admission is free admission for Singapore citizens too! if you’re bringing your pre-schoolers, the thoughtful team at The Imaginarium has also prepared an education activity sheet for them – download it here.

image image image image image

Someone admiring those doodles!

4.10pm: Time for late lunch/early dinner? Our meal times on weekends get topsy-turvy. We made do at Food for Thought next door and baby V got to have a taste of mummy’s dish of the day for her. Our girl was in a fantabulous mood, swinging her legs, smiling and swaying her body as she ate. I’m so happy she enjoys being my guinea pig! Hubs and I tucked into our food and needless to say, the little one had the best of both worlds by enjoying ours too. Hubs and I chatted over the meal, and are glad to see that she was having a good time too.

image image



545pm: Service Crew came by at 5.30pm to remind that they were closing in 30mins, so we scooted out soon after we were done.

610pm: We arrived at Suntec City and walked to The Polliwogs, our next stop to get our bubba tired her some exercise time while she explores the area. Darn! We parked at the wrong carpark and had to walk a mile to get there! We bumped into my friend and her boy, who was probably trying to exhaust him too :P

Oops, don’t mind the bum there… heh..
On a see-saw with me!!

8pm: Late dinner at the Food Court and baby V eats off our meals. We bumped into my friend and her family, and her boy was already sleeping in his stroller! Ours? Heavy Duty Energizer – HA!

10pm: Home sweet home! Time to wipe down and prepare for bedtime. Attempted to read her a story book, but she was more interested to flip it to the back and started squirming around on our bed. We eventually nursed and she fell asleep. Hubs and I were too bushed, and everyone was in candy land by 11ish -_-

We had the last laugh though – Vera only woke at 12noon the next day. LOL!


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