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In the Spotlight: Capturing the Moments

Creativity is sometimes difficult to define, yet in recent years, this word allowed many adults and children to stand out from others and it is definitely not about becoming the next Steve Jobs. These days, our younger generation attend classes in hopes of stimulating their brains and getting those creative juices going. While it is said to be an innate ability sometimes, creativity can surely be nurtured and cultivated too.
This month, we speak to beefy Max (I like calling them that because you’d feel very much protected standing next to him :P), who lives and breathes the iMac, and is now pursuing a new route in his career. Challenging? Yes, but the self-satisfaction he draws from it puts him on cloud nine despite the long term relationship in front of the digital screen. Let’s hear it from the man!
Hello Max! We know you have been in the arts since your school days, and have carved a career from it. But we heard that you’re pursuing something new now, how did it happen?
Hello! Gotta thank the wedding photographer I met at my friend’s wedding years ago. I was in the design line back then, working on graphics and doing product photo-shoots for marketing materials. But I realized my DSLR can actually do much more after I’ve seen his inspiring works and ever since that intriguing experience of wedding photography, this is the new journey that I’ve embarked on… 5 years and counting!
What was it like to go into photography as a newcomer?
It was indeed exciting. As a newcomer, I’m fascinated by all the styles that I can take after from all the master photographers’ works which I encounter and see on different resources, both online and offline. For a while, it was all romanticism and emotions, and then it was all about posing, followed by me being a photo-journalist documenting the moments in a wedding and eventually… I got lost in all that fascination and wanderlust of photography. Until I met my self-declared mentor, Kelvin Eng, who’s a veteran in this field. During the early days, he’d bring me along as a second shooter whenever he’s on a job and I would just observe how he interacted with the people, intervened with the wedding flow at the right time and in the right doses in order to get the ideal shots and so on. I’m fortunate to have his guidance, and eventually, I found my way of doing things in my own style.
Credit: Meremint Photography
Credit: Meremint Photography
How different is photography compared to creative design work?
I would say that the satisfaction coming from photography is very straightforward and instant; you’d know when you have gotten a good shot. In design work, it is inevitably to go through many rounds of changes until the client or your superior loves it, not you. This was also the reason which pushed the switch in path to pursue photography. I guess it’s because there are lesser rules in photography compared to design work. Everything can be beautiful depending on the poses, how the composition, editing and lighting are grasped through your very own judgement. That’s why it is easy for many to become obsessed with photography since a lot of it calls for free play and creativity, but to last in this line, one definitely needs more than just passion to succeed and excel.
Credit: Meremint Photography
Credit: Meremint Photography
Were there naysayers who were wet blankets when they knew of your decision?
Haha, only my mum. She said “I sent you to school to study design and now you play with camera, ah!?”
Credit: Meremint Photography
Credit: Meremint Photography
What are your favourite subjects to shoot in photography?
My love for photography definitely lies with people, the portrait. Whether it’s a wedding day, pre-wedding, personal portrait or boudoir….there’s something about capturing a person in a picture; you hope to see that the soul is captured as well.
Credit: Meremint Photography
What is a typical day of a photographer like?
Okay now you’ve got me a little depressed, ‘cos besides shooting, most of my time is about facing my laptop and taking care of all the post processes. Em… no life, lol. Drowning in all the unedited photographs makes it quite a challenge to just shove them aside and find time for gym, which I used to visit 3 times a week along with Thai boxing. Now, I try to make time to head to the gym once a week. Luckily, I don’t need to upsize my pants yet!
Any wise words for budding photographers?
Be genuine with your work and be humble. Get all the work done during the shoot instead of leaving it to the post process.
Sometimes in life, we need to step out of our comfort zone to reinvigorate ourselves. It is easy to get lost in the labyrinth and it takes time (and trial and error!) to rediscover the North arrow in our lives and to focus on how we want to trod ahead. Thank you, Max, for taking time to share this refreshing perspective from a creative person’s view. Creativity needs fresh breaths and looking at your wonderful works, it sure looks like you’ve taken the right step!
Here’s how you can get in touch with Max:
Facebook: Meremint Photography
Website: Meremint Photograpy
Email: meremint@gmail.com
We hope you’ve been inspired by this true story, and yes, it is not easy to take a leap of faith but sometimes, it’s all about “if you don’t try, you’ll never know.” If you’ve got an interesting experience or story to share, or know someone who should be featured, drop us a note!Connect with us at thehootingpost(at)gmail.com | Instagram | Facebook too!

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