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Motherhood brings along new sets of challenges and breastfeeding is a separate mountain to climb altogether.

With baby feeding times at every 3hourly, nursing when we’re out is inevitable. Unless you plan to stay out when it’s not feeding time, but to coincide the timings can get tricky. Nursing in public may raise eyebrows from several onlookers and many love to stare in awe as though you’re walking around with 3 heads! So, the very first time we nursed in a carrier, baby V’s swaddle came in handy because we didn’t have anything else to cover up.

Fancy my new shawl? We tried this new position while shopping at Mothercare at Harbourfront :P

An awesome help came along when New Baby Singapore sent us their MNB 4 in 1 Nursing Cover $32.90) – I kid you not, it’s really a very good help for those who nurse on the go! Modesty protection – checked! Soft, comfortable and breathable fabric – checked! Multi-functional (Did i tell you that it doubles up as a stroller cover, pregnancy shawl and carseat cover too?) – checked! Doesn’t make the wearer look odd (i just look like i’ve a cape on!) – checked! Most importantly, baby V loves it too :D

Full coverage, so there won’t be free shows! Have been nursing on the go for several months now, so definitely tried and tested!
Naughty hands pulling the cover… that’s why nursing in public (NIP) can get rather challenging! With the nursing cover, busybody motorists who peer in won’t get a free show. Heh!
Baby V catches up on snooze time while we shuffle around in the car, and getting cosy with the nursing cover that doubles up as a blankie. So we bring out one less item, which used to be her swaddle.
Nursing-on-the-go during our recent Taiwan holiday! Despite the hot weather, it was still convenient enough for baby V to nurse and nap whenever she liked.

Now that baby V has also started solids, remembering to bring bringing food out for her means packing snacks along. Besides biscuits, we try to give her healthier options such as carrot sticks or fruits which she likes. New parents would definitely be wondering: how do we bring fruits out? It’s easy to use an airtight container to keep the food (which we did for her biscuits), but when we wanted to explore bringing fruits out, we worry about leakage. Qubies Reusable Pouches ($24.90) made it easier to bring fruits or liquids out, as they are sealed with a cap, and can be flattened when empty so it virtually takes up minimal space!

Small and handy reusable pouches that can hold liquids or solids conveniently.
Small and handy reusable pouches that can hold liquids or solids conveniently.

These pouches are BPA-free and microwavable, so they can be used for regular food storage at home too when mum has made a new batch of chilli, simply store and heat up whenever you need. With its reusable nature, it can be used multiple times. Simply wash, rinse and let dry for use again. Extra tip: To label the pouches, write on Scotch Magic Tape with a pen or marker. After the food is used, remove the tape easily without the need to remove writings on the pouch, so the pouch is still clean without ink remnants!

If your baby has started solids, chances are you would have thought about food storage, how to bring food out and how to feed her when she’s out with you. Also, these food pouches come in handy to keep soup stock that you’ve prepared for the week ahead. For us, my mum cares for baby V on weekdays, so on weekends, I’ll prepare some food which can be kept for the week, so it’s conveniently available for mum to use and cuts down on preparation time for her while she’s busy with baby. Do note to keep them in the fridge and heat up when desired. Also, always be sure to check the temperature of food before offering baby.

When we dine out, baby V gets bored sitting in her stroller and will want to join in the fun when we’re nomming away. Public high chairs need cleaning before use (other people’s drools and food crumbs are not fun, unknown detergent and dirty old cloth used to wipe those seats mean YUCKY bacteria all over. Paranoia!) and a quick and easy way to save the hassle means giving these chairs an instant clothing – MNB High Chair Cover ($29.90) , available in 3 pretty colours and a cute duckie. So, clueless Grandma tried to put it on in a frenzy, can you tell?

Baby V busy looking around while we had our breakfast at Changi Airport while waitingg for our flight to Taipei.

The right way should be:MNB - High Chair Cover 2014
It’s easy to use: place on chair and use the velcro straps to hold it in place. If there are spills, simply wipe. And, it can be easily washed when you get home, you not only minimize usage and wastage of wet wipes and help to do your part for the environment! How apt is that? So if you have a toddler/young child at home, this can be a useful educational angle on being eco-friendly and learning to care for the environment with the adults actually practising what they preach.

New Baby Singapore has a wide range of products for babies and mummies, and you might also have seen some of the products that they distribute to retailers such as Mothercare, Kiddy Palace etc. Now, you can shop conveniently without stepping out – enjoy FREE delivery with purchase above $75! We like that Elisa (the mummy behind New Baby Singapore) is very friendly and she deserves thumbs up for managing this business as well as taking care of her young kids! More often than not, her kids are the first customers to try products that she sells. Personalized items are also available – great for party goodie bags and gifts too! Shop New Baby Singapore, follow them on Facebook and Instagram too! Thank you Elisa for the practical items that have been very useful!


    1. Ohhh did you get ur nursing cover from New Baby too? Heh yup with the high chair cover, we don’t have to worry about yucky chairs. Helps that the material is waterproof type too! Have fun starting solids with Chanelle :)

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