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A brand new year is here! How is 2014 treating y’all?

We are super elated and very thankful that our readership is increasing (yay! there are actually people reading!) although it’s not rocket high like Xiaxue’s, this means A WHOLE LOT to us, and definitely drives us further to conjure up more articles for everyone! THANK YOU, yes, YOU!! The support from readers and also the sweet peeps who have and are working with us for their businesses and products – THANK YOU SO MUCH! :)

2013 also closed on an especially sweet note with the arrival of our little one and we count our blessings as we watch her grow as we learn to be parents everyday. Like every parent, each smile and response means so much. We are indeed thankful to be blessed with Vera, our dear bundle of joy. Our lives are so much sweeter with her :)

Our other baby, which is The Hooting Post, will not be neglected. For years, we’ve been the biggest procrastinator (is there an award for this??) and in 2014, we’ve some plans lined up and we hope to pull everything together to make THP a blogazine for everyone!

Here’s what’s brewing:

1) With a new addition to our family, we’re also rolling out new categories for our articles. Here’s what we’ve got up our sleeves:

In the Spotlight – We get exclusive interviews with people who inspire others in their own ways. We are very honoured to have these personalities share real experiences and we hope to add flavor to your lives with them as inspirations.

Adventures of Lil V – Our little one gets to have her say too! Follow her journey with us!

Hero Dad – The Hub, newly promoted to “Daddy” shares his stories on Fatherhood too – stay tuned!

TADA! Here's Hero Dad! Card from The Paper Stone.
TADA! Here’s Hero Dad! Card from The Paper Stone.

2) For those who know us personally and those who have been reading our previous blogsite would know that we are supporters of local business, especially startups. That passion and energy behind is highly commendable and some of them have a good heart for the community! So if you’ve got something awesome to shout about or know someone who deserves a shout-out, drop us a note!

We hope you’ll enjoy the fun stuff that’s coming you way – as much as we loved putting everything together for you! Stick around with us, okay? :)

Don't miss any article by The Hooting Post! :)
Don’t miss any article by The Hooting Post! :)

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Here’s wishing all you wonderful readers, an even better New Year filled with happiness, precious memories and laughter! Stay healthy and happy! Keep hooting :P

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