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Expecting New Expectations

I’m pretty excited to share some news that I’ve been keeping under covers for sometime now. :P

It’s going to be a life-changing event (and so is the experience) which will unravel a new chapter in our lives. So…. Yea… A picture says a thousand words, so here it is..!

Yup! That’s me in my fave owl tee (bought during our honeymoon in Vegas!) with a rotund belly, and mini me snuggling in there. At around 28 weeks.

So my BFF surprised me with another Le Sucre bunny (she gave me my first one too, aptly named Latte!) as new companion when she heard the news.

20130901-130424.jpg Latte and Sugar make such a cute pair, don’t they? :D

With this new journey brings forth some additions to this blogazine! In the next couple of months, 2 new sections will be added. One, will be related to pregnancy and motherhood. The other, is one that I’ve been wanting to include for a long time. Still working out some nitty gritty stuff, so I’m gonna have to leave you wondering for awhile :D

Do stay tuned for the updates! And for those who are curious to know.. I’m now at Week 31 (I know, what took me so long to reveal, right??) and I’ve been quite the procrastinator (blame the lower energy levels too), which the Hub bursts into laughter when I change the words to The Great Pretender.. Anyhow, I hope you’ll continue to enjoy The Hooting Post, and thank you to all of you who have been supporting this little cove of mine. I’m truly blessed :)


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