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Sneak Peek to The Singapore Blog Awards 2013

THP is pleased to secure a sneak peak of the OMY SBA 2013 at Shanghai Dolly last Saturday! For the 6th year running, OMY.SG, the brainchild of this social media celebration did a throwback to the 60’s, with guests arriving in style with retro fusion. I must say, some of them went all the way and were really sporting to come dressed in poofy hair, loud clothes and face paint (special reference to Ninjagirls.sg ). You’ve gotta check out their coordinated dressing too! Scroll down to group pic below!

omy sba 2013

There were 10 main categories with 10 folks in each category fighting for these awards! What a close fight! Scoot over to nail the winners’ name list.

omy sba 2013

One of the winners, Jasmine Koh, even had a gamely stage duel with the MP, with rounds of Scissors, Paper, Stone (no less!), no winner though ’cause they seem to have telepathy and kept revealing the same hand gesture, much to the crowd’s amusement!

omy sba 2013

See! These are the 10 best dressed folks vying for the Best Dressed award! Guess who won?? It’s Inspector Singh, who’s actually a mummy blogger (extreme right), standing beside the host for the day who’s extremely good I must say! She’s multilingual (converses fluently in English, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean! Plus she’s super quick with 另场表现, with her reflexes and come-back lines which are impromptu ones. Really one of the best emcees I’ve seen, definitely more than just a pretty face! A little bird told me that some of the sponsors for the event were asking for her contact for their own events too ;)

Shakey's pizza

After the event, met the Hub who was patiently waiting around the area (apparently he went for a nice stroll along the river…) for a quick meal since we had a late KFC breakfast. First time trying Shakey’s Pizza but I must say, it’s good! The Spicy Wings were not exactly spicy though but the black pepper sauce was tangy and tasty.

Shakey's pizza

We had the Shakey’s Special in personal pan size (4 slices) and I was hooked! They are generous with the cheese toppings which gave this Italian dish a crisp fragrant aroma and crispy bite! Must-try if you’re at Liang Court and don’t wish to indulge in yet another bowl or ramen (there are tons of ramen outlets there!)

omy sba 2013 goodie bag

Ending this article with a snapshot of the OMY.sg SBA 2013 goodie bag! Shopping vouchers, anyone? ;)


  1. Thank you for your kind words about my hosting at the SBA 2013! Hope to see you again!

    The Tiny Host / Emcee

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