Like a Queen

September is zee celebratory month for moi, that kick starts the divine gastronomic adventure for the rest of the year!

Be warned: images may induce salivation :P

It’s the little thoughts that count, and kudos to TCC who got that down pat! A birthday card with discounts came in my mail for 2 visits – lovely surprise indeed! Visited the outlet at Keppel Bay with the hub. Do note that their menu is different from the others; also, with the small setup, growling tummies may not be up for the wait.
We dived into yummy mushroom soup and shared barbecued wings (too game, I must add! Ended up overdosing – good for 3 pax and more) The hub had the tomato-based pasta with mince meat and a yolk (oops, can’t recall it’s exact name), while I dug into the scallop and prawn pasta (yum yums!) The outdoor seating area was kinda humid; the indoors was a little noisy as most guests came in party groups. If you’re there for a romantic date, this place is prolly off the list.
After getting all rolly-polly, some shopping seemed a natural move (heh!) Vivocity was just a stone’s throw away, and I’ve gotten myself a pretty accessories holder ($45) from FrancFranc, something which I’ve been wanting to get and try to be organized with my growing collection :P

This hotspot of laksa steamboat at Telok Blangah was my first! The hub has visited a couple of times with his boys and now it’s MY turn. Muahahaha! Well, the soup base was pretty good. Not too spicy and just right for an amateur chilli eater like me. Ingredients were typical; alike any other steamboat place. Ordered a tad too much (as usual..); chicken soup wasn’t fantastic so go without yuan yang, or have it to “confuse” your taste buds and reduce the jerlat-ness from the laksa one.

All that eating were only appetizers and prior to the actual day!
This secretive fella drove and parked near Harbourfront, walking towards the cable car station was a sheer giveaway! Ha!
Fine dining up in the sky at Jewel Box – one of those things on my bucket list! :D The journey was slow paced and comfortable, giving us a panoramic view of Sentosa and the Mount Faber area. Scenic view + private dining + DA best company = what more could a gal ask for? ;)

BFF A shares the same birth month so, off we go to TCC for a round of girlie catchups. Seared tuna salad was good! Mushroomy Pasta was al dente and tasty! Lemongrass fish was…. Meh. Oh, tiramisu was alcoholic-ooh! Don’t be fooled by the visuals in the menu – they are not served in pairs. She was one of those lucky ones sent to London to cover the Olympics for work, and back she came with cutesy magnets and keychains, to add to our fridge magnet collection! A lovely Cath Kidston cardholder came timely too – the recent cardholder from Artbox was too troublesome for use with the ezlink card; kept beeping and had to remove it everytime it was used. Thankew for reading my mind!! :D


We had an early celebration for Dad whose birth month is in Oct, and he requested for The Coastal Settlement! Being back the second time, Dad clearly enjoyed the live band, cosy atmosphere and round table for sharing and chatting. This time, we had the Truffle Fries (sold out the previous tim), TCS Salad, Mac N Cheese, Beef Cubes (must-have again!). Plates of food filled the table for 6… nomnomnom..!


We each had a main course except Hub and myself (we shared the Truffle Mushroom Pasta). Mum had her Black Pepper Crab Pasta (again!), and Dad and Sis’s bf had the Roasted Chicken, while the Sis had Beef Steak (that’s unexpected of her!) Check out that pair of Steve Madden’s – it’s mum’s! She’s hip like that :P Happy Birthday, Dad!!


This was like a couple of weeks’ after Dad’s birthday dinner.. both of us chilling out at Dempsey Hill’s Dome at the oddest time of the day, like 4-5ish? Couldn’t resist getting a mushroomy salad to go with the cappuccinno ;)

All that dining is making me full and happy! How did your September go? Or was it your birthday month or one that you had friends celebrating too? :) Stay tuned for October’s food craze – cos that’s the Hub’s birthday coming right up!

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