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Baking Attempt FTW

It was one of those days when you feel like you have need to put your domesticated skills to good use. Some weeks ago, we decided to focus our energies in the kitchen to conjure pipin’ hot bakes like a true blue domestic goddess *dreams*

iPad is our new BFF and is our trusty recipe generator! After some minutes of discussion with the Hub, our project narrowed to dreaming up yummylicious Red Velvet Cupcakes and chocolateful Rocky Road that’s full of bite! We’re crazy random like that (at times)! 

Off we went, heading to Phoon Huat, a one-stop shop for all your baking needs and knick-knacks. Ingredients were followed to a ‘T’ as listed in the respective recipes. What’s great about is that they boast quick and easy conversion when you type in the quantity of cupcakes you want and the ingredients get calculated right way (no more self-calculation..phew!), plus other bakers’ reviews on what was great and what didn’t work etc. Btw, Phoon Huat organizes hands-on baking workshops too, so do check out their classes and book early!


The truckload of ingredients needed for both recipes adorned our kitchen countertop. That’s the Hub melting the chocolate chips by double-boiling (hmm… he seems more domesticated eh… *hides face*) After mixing all the flour, eggs and powders, these would-be Rocky Roads were carefully poured and scooped into the baking trays lined with black muffin cups (from Phoon Huat too!) With the marshmallows sitting pretty and into the oven they go! Wonder how they turned out? Read on to find out! :)


Red Velvets seemed a tad easier but the choice of colours at Phoon Huat caught me off-guard – cherry red, noel red, christmas red, blah blah blah… i just needed a red for my red velvets! After some guesstimation (guessing + estimation), noel red it was! *beams* Seemed too red while the mixtures were stirred with our trusty Philips mixer (We actually bought this during the initial times of our relationship. Guess we could even count the number of times it was put to use… seems like the KichenAid is not gonna be within reach anytime soon). That’s the sour cream being squeezed… haha! And those Red Velvets sitting pretty in the oven – I must add though, the colour didn’t look too “bloody” after that.. right? So, did they look good? Scroll down!


Okay, they’re nothing like those at Twelve Cupcakes or whatnots and then again, it’s only our 1st attempt! Rocky Road seemed a little too…. rocky… haha but the taste was good! The melted chocolate chip bits were to-die-for according to our Guinea Pig honest friend, A, and her pal who happened to pop over her place loved the Red Velvets for their moist insides. Even her mummy and daddy loved the bakes (phew!) or perhaps they were being too kind.. haha. Our only grouse was that the sugar proportion for the cream frosting seemed kinda way off with the amount of sugar that’s supposed to be in. Too diabetic sweet for us. If you’re trying out the recipe, do take note of that ;)

Do you bake at home too? Or do you do random stuff like that with your spouse just for fun? Do share your tips and experiences with us too ;)


  1. Hi, the red is Gorgeous! I tried making red velvet cupcake but somehow the red is not as vibrant as yours! I used Noel Red paste from Phoot Huat too. May i ask how much of the Noel Red u put in against how many cocoa powder? Thank you.

    1. Hi Catherine!

      Thank you, it was my humble first attempt. I adjusted the servings to 6pcs with the recipe ( is user-friendly like that!) and it shows about 1/4 bottle (1oz) of the Noel Red and 1 tablespoon and 1-3/4 teaspoons unsweetened cocoa powder. Do make sure it’s unsweetened cocoa powder, else the cupcakes might be a tad too sweet if you’re following this recipe. Hope this helps! :)

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