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The First Luminance! Festival

This inaugural light festival stemmed from the objective of nurturing aspriring artistes and encouraging experiential ideas has successfully created a new milestone for the arts in Singapore. Coverting *SCAPE, a playground for youths, this light-art exhibition lasted from 23 Jun – 1 July 2012, was a much-need platform for our burgeoning artistes that involved the youths.

Key industry brands Philips and Epson supported the art installations making it possible. Known for their dairy products, used Mieji bottles were upcycled to create a beautiful installation piece of orchids and plants – creatively done indeed (see below!)! On-ground, event volunteers gave out Meiji milk and yogurt drinks to feed us too!

Our friend, Didier Ng, commissioned artiste for Philips, took time to bring us on a guided tour to check out all the installations located in the building.


Lovely flowers greeted us at the basement of *SCAPE, alongisde with cupcakes for charity! Can you see the “Cupcake” created with lights? ;)


(From left – right): Racing bike conjured up using recyled paper mediums, reflections on acrylic pieces, projections of snapshots of nature sightings and lighted plastic seat.


Carefully and painstakingly cut laminates by the folks at Simei Care Centre, spearheaded by Didier. Wonderfully done to bring out the textures of these happily lit bloomers! :D


(From left – right): Playing with words and shadows, our everyday aspirations reflect our subconscious wants. Khong Guan biscuit tins dressed up with childrens’ drawings – nice! Lego house fitted with clear acrylic with kids’ sketches in marker too!


Visitors screaming their lungs out – different colours for different “types” of screams! Soundwaves and lights… an interactive ground for venting :P


(From top – bottom): 3 ladies with varying personalities, in the woods with tranquil nature hanging with the trees, visitors prancing around as the different coloured lights pick up each person’s movement to create an artpiece, Didier paddling hard to grow glow her wings, up and away with plastic bags – sayonara to non-biodegradable materials for a better tomorrow.


(From left – right): Light + Metal + other elements masterpiece, visitors putting on the “Sorting Hat” – Nah, lighted hats to go with your personalities?, Tertris spotted on the roof of McDonald’s, coloured pails and containers spotted up there, on our way out Didier shares with us the concept behind the final installation made with “stubborn” plastic bottles (located nearest the main roads).

 It was definitely an eye-opening experience to see the efforts put together for these exemplary works of arts to born. Were you at the Luminance! Festival too? Roving photographers might have caught you on their cameras!

To find out more on Luminance! Festival, scoot over here. Looking forward to more of such happening events in Singapore!

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