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Life in Instant Prints, One Photo at a Time

Over the years, we have amassed a number of instant prints that capture some of our special moments.

In fact, a significant milestone of our life can be “found” on these instant prints, and they now hang as a centrepiece on one of our walls.

Armed with Polaroid cameras, instant prints are easy – snap and print on the spot. However, that also meant we would have “wasted” a few on the NG shots (eyes closed, overexposed shots, someone wasn’t looking etc), and then it meant a reshoot!

What if we could pick our favourite photos and print them in seconds? 

We had the opportunity to try our the new Fujifilm Instax Smartphone Printer SP-2, a compact instant printer that prints anywhere from your smartphone, as long as there’s WIFI!

It’s just slightly wider and thicker than an iPhone 6S, weighs 250g (without battery and film pack) and is portable enough to fit in a diaper bag (yes, because I’m a Mother!) without taking up too much space or feeling that extra weight.

And if you’re one who goes for uncomplicated, non-rocket science stuff (like me!), this is surprisingly easy to use and there’s no need to fumble with messy wires or a thick instruction manual. In fact, it’s easy enough for Vera click on “Choose photo and Print” on my mobile, and switching on the portable printer is just a button away! Just be careful not to press onto the “Reprint” button on the side of the printer if that isn’t your intention – that would trigger a reprint of your last photo!

fujifilm instax printer review SP2 singapore mums
Excited fingers trying to pull that instant print out of the Fujifilm Instax Printer! There’s no need to pull – printing only takes a couple of seconds!

So, how does the Fujifilm Instax Printer SP-2 work?

1. Charge and allow it to power up. It takes approximately 2 hours for a full charge the first time.

2. Load instax film into printer.

3. Download Instax Share app on Google Play / Apple Store. It’s FREE!

4. Turn on Fujifilm Instax Printer SP-2. Go to Settings on your mobile and connect to printer via WIFI.

5. Go to Instax Share app. Browse photo album on mobile and select photos you’d like and click on PRINT. This means you can edit your photos BEFORE printing! No NG shots; no wastage of instant prints too!

Thanks to its high speed printing technology, each photo is ready in a few seconds!! Just like the Instax camera!

Before printing… here’s what we can do too:

– Edit pictures by choosing templates and styles

– Create a collage of pictures via the Instax Share app to select different photos to fit in the collage template

– Create a series of numbered prints with printed tags

Find out more about the other templates here too! Creating of collages and editing are done BEFORE printing, so that helps with a beautiful print-out of your photographs.

fujifilm instax printer review SP2 singapore mums
And the baby was gleefully pointing out “Jie Jie” and “Papa” in these instant prints!

What about filters?

Yes! And you wouldn’t need to download a separate app to adjust elements such as brightness, or getting the sepia or black and white effect.

Thanks to the brand’s deep experience (over 80 years!) in the industry, the Fujifilm Instax Printer SP-2 boasts a unique Fujifilm Intelligence Filter which hons the Image Intelligence™, an optimum processing technology. This helps offer results such as brightening up a photo in your smartphone that is too dark.

Who is this printer suitable for?

  • Love taking photographs with your smartphone (Oh wait, that’s me! And most mums!)
  • Scrapbookers
  • Those who want hassle-free wireless printing, on-the-go
  • Those who want convenience without having to worry about ink cartridges and getting special photo papers.

It comes in handy for events or gatherings where each person in the photos needs a printed photo. It makes a lovely gift for friends or mums who enjoy taking photographs and curating albums of these memories for different events such as their kids’ birthdays and family travels. It prints pocket-sized pictures instantly, and there’s no need to cut or resize those photographs in your phone either.

Vera who’s 3.5 years old picked it up easily –  she simply takes our instructions and presses the right buttons to get the photos printed. I’ve to say, she’s been really excited to print MORE photos since we first tried it out together. Looks like I need to get a photo album to keep these instant prints, just like the good old days :)

fujifilm instax printer review SP2 singapore mums
Did I mention that she’s been asking to print pictures whenever she’s back from school? There’s just something about holding an actual photograph and seeing those memories ‘live’ on film :)

Are there additional costs involved?

That would pretty much be the instant print film packs which can be purchased online or at the stores. There are deals on Qoo10 if you look hard! Otherwise, simply head to any authorised Fujifilm dealers to stock up on those.

Product specifications available here.


Where to buy: All Fujifilm authorised dealers and Suntec Fujifilm studio

Do you have a portable WIFI photo printer that you use too? Do share what some of your favourite photography gadgets are!

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  1. We love polaroids and this just makes it even better as it gives that really special feeling about having to hold a moment in print! Thanks for sharing…will be keeping a lookout for this special printer!

  2. I’ve been eyeing this for the longest time as it can be brought along on trips for instant prints when I used to do my mini albums on the go. But decided to go with a colour printer instead since I can print many photos which may be more cost effective.

  3. Cool Printer! The only down side? I would be printing too many! lol. Nontheless, definitely great for parties where you can print out for relatives and friends.

  4. I’m very very tempted to get this and was actually looking to buy but I already have 2 instax cameras haha… after much thought I think I still want to have the raw dunno-what-u-gonna-get prints from instax cameras although this is still very useful. Maybe in the future I’ll get one hehe

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. Hey look so cool…Easy to use and can print so many pics…Soft copies I do tend to lose sometimes.Lovely photos of your family in this post!

  6. I have an older version of that Instax printer! Got it to use at my elder son’s 2nd birthday party. We always have a photobooth at our parties and I like that I can print multiple pictures for the guests to keep.

    I do like the ease of printing on instax, but the problem is the images don’t last. They fade pretty quickly, though I think there are ways to keep it from fading for a long period of time. I have instax from my childhood and they don’t fade as much as the ones I have now. Maybe I bought lousy batches of film? But it deters me from using it for other purposes.


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