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Out and About with the We Made Me Pao Papoose Baby Carrier

Heading out with a baby and a toddler can somewhat seem like a daunting experience. Truth is, it really shouldn’t be, and there’s no reason why we should be stuck at home all day.

With the right products, parenting life goes on, and can even be a breeze if all the stars align. Taking the kids out? No sweat! Well, ask me again on a terrible day. Heh!

When Leroy was a newborn, I somehow guessed that I would need to hold him snug for naps. No thanks to a firstborn who loved arms instead of cots – I was prepared for the worst. HA! So, I deftly bought a K’Tan Active for the wee one, and we have a versatile stroller (If you’ve been following us on Instagram, yes, it’s our BABYZEN YOYO+!, and a separate review coming up!) that was great for both kids when we were out.

With time, Leroy outgrew the K’Tan Active and we moved him to a baby carrier. Oh, there’s hope for my aching shoulders and breaking back!

We Made Me Pao Papoose Baby Carrier review Spring Maternity
Brave daddy takes both kids out to get breakfast on a weekend! Thankful for parenting gadgets of a handy carrier and a lightweight stroller! Oh, what would I be without this man??

Introducing the We Made Me Pao Papoose Baby Carrier, from the makers of Singapore’s SG50 baby sling. They were previously known as BabaSlings Ltd, and they manufacture a suite of slings, wraps and baby carriers.

We’ve since tried the We Made Me Pao Papoose Baby Carrier over several months now, and here’s sharing our review:


With a baby, it’s important to feel comfortable when using the baby carrier with baby inside! Yup, it makes sense to try out the carrier WITH baby in it – so it gives you the actual feel, rather than a guess-timation, right?

And, since my shoulders and backs were starting to protest with Leroy’s weight, I needed to transit him to a carrier with better support so we could still head out without feeling battered.

The We Made Me Pao Papoose Baby Carrier comes with thick cushioned straps to provide comfort to the wearer. It was a relieve for my shoulders, especially if we had to walk quite abit. The “seat” for baby is also well-cushioned to hug his bum, while giving him the closeness with mummy or daddy.

In terms of safety, the baby carrier is designed to support the ergonomically correct sitting position, i.e. the W legs.

We Made Me Pao Papoose Baby Carrier review Spring Maternity
Ergonomic carriers encourage the “W” sitting position. Source: International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

The straps and buckles lock at the front of our bodies, near his bum. According to the instruction guide, his legs were supposed to be under the straps (for additional safety?), but we felt that “locking” his legs were affect his comfort, so we let them hang loose, and he was okay with that!

As for Leroy, well, he would take naps in it whenever he’s in there, and for that it scores with us as parents! I mean, a comfy baby sleeps, right? No protest = good news!


Both K and I took turns to wear him, so daddy can have some chest time with his little boy.

We’ve also taken him to the Geylang Serai Bazaar during Hari Raya Puasa, but Leroy was sound asleep despite the heat and noise. Scores again, for baby naps!


Leroy is usually snug and happy in the carrier! As he’s still pretty young (we used it when he was between 4months+ to 6months+), we’ve only tried the parent-facing view with him :)

Like most multi-functional carriers, We Made Me Pao Papoose Baby Carrier is a 3-in–1 carrier that works with parent-facing, world-facing (forward-facing) and back-carry positions. It is designed to carry babies aged 4 to 36 months, between 5.5–15kg. There are no infant inserts for this baby carrier, so it’s important that parents follow the guidelines for the products to ensure proper usage and safety.

It comes with an adjustable head support, which works as a hood to protect him from rain or the sun too. When he’s about to sleep, or is sleeping, we usually put up the hood (there are 3 positions for the buttons, and simply button it to the straps) to create a cosy setting and prevent his head from nodding off our bodies.


When heading out with young kids, less is more. And we are glad that the We Made Me Pao Papoose Baby Carrier is lightweight, not bulky and rolls easily with those straps and buckles, to pack in a handy pouch. That means no messy straps all over, while protecting the carrier from food stains etc.

It comes in three solid wearable colours – lavendar, pebble and stone. It’s gender-neutral too as some fathers may mind the cutesy, girly prints that mummy chooses :P

Ease of Use

As a breastfeeding mum who appreciates nursing -on-the-go, naturally this would be a vital requirement for me. Vera used to nurse and nap in our Baby Bjorn, and this time round, I needed the We Made Me Pao Papoose Baby Carrier to do the same.

Breastfeeding him in the carrier was fine, except that the adjustment of straps was not as easy with baby in the carrier. And, since there was no way I could spare time to take him out of the carrier, adjust all the straps, prop him back in again (you know… hungry babies…), this aspect was not the easiest due to the fabric of the straps. The friction between the fabric and buckle grooves, and budges of the cotton straps made it a little trickier to adjust… perhaps woven fabric webbing for straps might offer some ease?

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The entire fabric of the carrier is made of 100% cotton, which makes the soft structured carrier more comfortable with use. Though loosening and adjusting the straps that go through the buckles can take some effort, it can be sorted if you’ve someone else with you who can help.

As the straps are required to cross at the wearer’s back (I think this probably gives better support to the wearer), some practice is required by the adult to reach for the straps and position them in front near your waist area to secure the buckles near baby’s bum. It might also look a little messy from the back (if you really mind!), but it’s the back so it didn’t really bothered us. What might work better would be to have an elastic strap at the end of these straps to allow us to roll them in to neaten – especially if mummy is petite, and the straps end up hanging. It looks okay on me, right? :D

And if you need to wash it, using the washing machine is possible too! Otherwise, place it in a laundry bag (Daiso has them, or those ABC stores at the neighbourhood stores!) prior.

All in all, we think the We Made Me Pao Papoose Baby Carrier works great as a comfy support for both the little one and the adult wearer. The best way to find out if a baby carrier suits your needs, is to try them on with your baby. Everyone’s physique is different, and trying lets you experience it for yourself!

The We Made Me Pao Papoose Baby Carrier (SGD239) is exclusively available at Spring Maternity retail stores and their online store.


Parents, what do you look out for when selecting a baby carrier? Do share your tips with us!

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