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Egg-free Minced Pork Celery Balls in Vegetable Soup Recipe

Since our toddler decided that vegetables (and sometimes meats) are a no-go out of the blue, I’ve been trying to come up with different recipes to pique her interest.

Previously, we did a Cheesy Carrot Potato Fingers Recipe which was a hit! *happy*

Feeling inspired, I decided to work some magic in her soup since she loves soups and can go for several bowls during dinner.

Here’s a really simple recipe which can be used to spice up your soups. Otherwise, simply pan fry them or use an AirFryer for a delicious twist!

Pork Celery Balls in Vegetable Soup Recipe (Serves 2 – 3 pax)


For the Soup

Ikan Bilis

1 box of Tofu

1 Carrot stick

A bunch of Cai Xin Hua, washed and cut

A handful of Red Dates, slit

For the Pork Celery Balls

Minced Pork

Celery, diced

Onion, diced

Salt – optional for babies and young children



  1. Boil ikan bilis and red dates for 30 minutes to make soup stock. Remove ikan bilis.
  2. Add carrots and tofu into soup and continue boiling till carrots are soft.

    Egg-free Minced Pork Celery Balls in Vegetable Soup Recipe
    Hiding vegetables in food for my little picky eater who used to love EVERYTHING! *sigh*
  3. Using hands, shape minced pork, celery and onion into balls. Add salt or pepper for taste, if preferred. Add the pork celery balls into soup and continue simmering till the meat is cooked. Add vegetables into soup and boil till they are cooked then turn off the fire. Serve in bowls and slurp up!
Egg-free Minced Pork Celery Balls in Vegetable Soup Recipe
Yummy one-pot soup brimming with goodness to entice the toddler! Hello Minced Pork Celery Balls!


  • Feel free to replace celery and onion with your favourite vegetables! We prefer to dice them so there’s some crunch and bite when eating.
  • No eggs were used to hold the meat balls in place – perfect for babies and young children who have egg allergies.
  • This makes a hearty meal on its own too – a simple one pot lunch, perhaps? Just add some carbs such as bee hoon, rice, mee sua, or even potatoes and it’d be a great dish for busy parents who wish to prepare an easy meal where both adults and children can enjoy.

So, how did the soup lover take to these specially prepared Pork Celery Balls in soup? She managed to wolf down about 2 of them, some carrot and kept asking for more tofu though! Looks like I should do a new version of her favourite Egg-free Tofu Patties which she loved eating BLW style when she was younger!

Do your kids dislike vegetables? Have you tried hiding them too? Do share what you have managed to come up with!

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