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9 Popular and Cute Kids on Instagram Everyone is Crazy Over!

Warning: This article may contain excitable materials for women and men of child-bearing age.

If you own an Instagram account and are a parent, it’s highly likely that your account is now filled with shots of your kid(s). It’s more than normal, I assure you, because mine has unexpectedly turned the same way too. Lol!

Some parents are extremely excited with their cuties and tend to post plenty of juniors’ pics, what they wore #babyootd, what mama has been feeding them, their travel adventures and even really quality shots (read: filtered, photoshopped and tweaked) that are picture-perfect!

Because the little ones have taken over the limelight from mum’s (or dad’s) now boring selfies, those likes and comments skyrocket whenever the snapshots of the bubs are posted up. They probably now have their own dedicated account managed by the parent too, so that can be happily spammed with cute shots for everyone!

We rounded up 9 Instagram-famous kids that have been melting hearts in Singapore. You’ve been warned!

Junya, @cheeserland

popular cute instagram kids
Cheesie shuffles between Japan, Malaysia and Singapore quite a bit, so you might just get to see baby Junya in person! Source: Instagram

This popular Malaysian blogger probably needs no introduction. Married to a Japanese whom she refers to as “Danna” and doesn’t reveal his identity. They have a one-year-old, called Junya, who has tons of ladies gushing over! While Junya does not have his own Instagram account, Cheesie’s feeds contain plenty of his pics as well as her pretty face, and the lovely #lunchforjunya she whips up. She blogs at, and makes other mums envious of her skin, looks, hair, figure and everything else!

Dashiel Marquet Sayre, @xiaxue

popular cute instagram kids
Dashiel (or more affectionately known as Dash), takes on his mum, Xiaxue’s Instagram account, and enjoys his fair share of fan followings! I kid you not! Source: Instagram

Before Xiaxue became a mum, she was already popular. But with Dash in the family, her number of followers propelled further and everyone just loves a piece of Dash, and comments peppered with “I want to squeeze his cheeks!” or “I loveeeee Dash!!” are a common sight. Xiaxue blogs at has no qualms about giving her two year old a “toot haircut” nor trolling his photos. To enjoy seeing this pretty boy, look no further than Xiaxue’s own Instagram account and how this model child helps his mum sell apparel online too!

Fighter Tiah, @fighter.tiah

popular cute instagram kids
Fighter’s account looks like it’s been set up by a fan! Source: Instagram

Mummy, Audrey, is another popular blogger who blogs at, and boasts 109K followers on Instagram. Recently turned mum to two, her kids, Fighter and Penny, expectedly get quite abit of photo moments on her feed. Fighter took to fame, when daddy, Timothy, posted pictures of the then-preemie who was fighting to pull through when he was just a newborn. Aptly named “Fighter” to represent his strong spirit, the little bub has been scoring fans, and even has his own Instagram account now, which seems like it was set up by a fan!

Meredith Tan, @meregoround

popular cute instagram kids
Meredith shows she can have fans despite her pint size too! Source: Instagram

Cherubic Meredith had her own account even before she was born. That said, now the 7-month-old cheerful little girl has amassed a huge following, which shocked her mama, Bongqiuqiu too. Of course, Bongqiuqiu still posts pics of Meredith on her own feed, so if you’re following both, you pretty much get the best of both worlds. Bongqiuqiu is known of her straightforwardness, so go ahead and see what quirky shots she puts of Meredith. She blogs at

Tyler Lim, @tjinlee

popular cute instagram kids
Bubu steals some hearts on mama’s Instagram account, and shows his swaggy good looks! Source: Instagram

Tjin Lee is a veteran in the local scene and her list of accolades leaves many in awe (and gaping away in disbelief) – how she juggles all her nine businesses plus parenting two young kiddos sure amazes us. Mum to her elder son, “Bubu”, who is all swag and attitude, he’s also one of the child models along with Xiaxue’s son, Dash, for their joint business, Baby Style Icon. It is entirely befitting to have their own sons front it because, admit it – the boys ARE cute! With baby Jake joining the family, this mum makes motherhood look flawless and stylish. She finds time to blog at too, sharing family outings.

Zed Lee, @fannaiaiwong

popular cute instagram kids
Happy birthday, Zed! With love, daddy and mummy and everybody celebrating Singapore’s National Day! Source: Instagram

This little starlet needs no introduction, for sure! Born on 9 Aug 2014, he shot to fame not only for being our national day baby, but also thanks to his high profile celebrity parents, Fann Wong and Christopher Lee! Zed is basically a photocopied version of Christopher, and this water baby loves his swims and enjoys the high life of a fancy scale first birthday party, no less! While Fann’s Instagram feed mostly shows her flawless, porcelain face which leaves many envious, we get sneak peeks of Zed too!

Na Ha Eun, @awesomehaeun

popular cute instagram kids
Na Ha Eun is more than a sweet young thing! She’s a dancing sensation that has caught the eyes of the world! Source: Instagram

This little Korean beauty has been strutting awesome dance moves on YouTube that led to several sensational viral shares. How cute is she! She has tons of fans for sure, and even has a fanpage built just for her! Watching her move makes you want to get on your feet and get your little girls and boys dancing too! Watch out for this seven-year-old, we say! She’s got news all over the internet, and is definitely on the eyes of media watching her life too!

Tyler Huan, @tylerhuan

popular cute instagram kids
Seems like “Tyler”‘s are usually swag boys! Tyler Huan rocks the camera with his own Instagram account and a bevy of fans! Source: Instagram

Yet another “Tyler” makes it to this list! This boy is all swag with his rockstar attitude and funky ‘do! He’s a natural in front of the camera with all his swoon-worthy moves and poses – never knew little boys could dress up and look this fab right! He takes his followers by the heart and has his own Instagram account with tons of fans! Be still, little girls’ hearts. Here’s a charmer you’ll meet when you grow up (or, maybe, before that!).

Aaryanna, @xoangeline11.4k followers

popular cute instagram kids
Young and stylish mama, Angeline, shares shots of little Aaryanna on her feed. Source: Instagram

Hipster mum, Angeline, looks just like she’s with her younger sister, except that Aaryanna is her daughter, really. This fashionista’s feed is packed with selfies, #ootd shots and snippets of the little girl. She blogs at, which outlines the beauty products she uses, places they visit and the fun times together. Enjoy chirpy shots of little Aaryanna in her updates too!

Are these popular Instagram kids cute or what? Which are some of your favourite Instagram kids?

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