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6 Quirky Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Superhero

Father’s Day falls on every third Sunday of June worldwide. While brands and companies go all out to woo folks on Mother’s Day, it always seems like our child’s first superheroes get side-lined and are treated less than mum. Well, the women has it tougher that’s for sure (no I’m not being biased! Which gender had to go through those 9 months of rollercoaster ride with an extra weight that almost always leaves some souvenirs for most of us??), but let’s not forget it takes two when it comes to parenthood. Say it with a gift for the special men in our lives, our daughter’s first male loves and eternal protector!

We rounded up 6 delicately handpicked Father’s Day gift for that special men in your lives – because they deserve so much! And well, happy shopping, ladies! Go easy on the wallet, yeah?

For the intelligent papa

Equation geek watch.jpg
Get your geek on! Source: Uncommongoods.com

Okay, here’s a watch that would either drive you nuts figuring out the answers or leave you a proud man happily showing it off. Wait, it’s a watch – how hard can it be to read the time? Hand him the Equation Geek Watch ($68), courtesy of Uncommongoods.

For the dad who has a sweet tooth

Send a special personalised treat to daddy dearest. Source: The Gift Crate

Move aside, Ferrero and Godiva, here’s a specially personalised treat for the man who thrives on these happy pills (besides his own kids, that is!). Get these Personalised Chocolates ($18.90) shipped from The Gift Crate and surprise your dad with a sugar high! Personalise with any name and message, and choose from 3 delicious flavours!

For the boss of your home

michelin lamp
Confirm he’s the Boss! Source: Lorgan’s The Retro Store

This Like a boss Michelin lamp (Price upon request) is too cute to resist. It is bound to add a whimsical touch to anyone’s home – and no, we’re not hinting daddy about his figure. Not at all. Please PM the folks at Lorgan’s The Retro Store to find out more!

For the father who needs no re-confirmation

NiDePapaShiShui tee
“Who’s your daddy” – wear it on your bod and tell the world! Source: Naiise

We are pretty sure you’re not unfamiliar with Temasek Clothing’s slapstick, tongue in cheek localised humour, so this tee needs no introduction. In English, its basically translates to “Who’s your father?”, so expect to exude a badass attitude to best carry off this tee ($30).

For the tired papa (read: NEW fathers!)

im so tired tee
These come in pillow cases and coffee mugs too – so apt, aren’t there?! Source: Hello Apparel

Hello apparel has been swarming Instagram with their totally relatable items – This “I’m so tired” tee (USD$24) which comes in adult sizes has its anti-thesis – baby tees and onesies printed with “I’m not tired”. While it has earned an international following, many quick-thinkers have since unleased lookalikes and items with their signature font, hawking them to mamas here and in the region.

For the dad who’s always on-the-go

valore car charger
Daddy zooms like the rocket to get ahead of work! Here’s the multi-charger for his automobile to get his gadgets in full batt. Source: Valore

New age dads are wired up on multiple devices these days. This Valore Rocket Series: Dual USB Charger (V-AC615), available at Challenger or Valore’s e-store (Retail $39.90, ValueClub $29.93) is for the man who’s always squeezing in as many tasks as possible within his day so he can scoot home to the family.

And while most dads (mine, included!) usually deny gifts by brushing them as a waste of money, it’s the thought that counts. If your daddy “seems to have everything”, consider a specially handmade DIY item that’s bound to melt his heart.

Here’s wishing all fathers, fathers-to-be’s and godfathers, a HAPPY, BLESSED FATHER’S DAY!

So what will you be getting your fathers? Are you and your child planning something special for your better half too? Do share with us!

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