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[The Polished Singaporean] Hot Drink Freebies – No Strings Attached

No spam emails, no completing of surveys, no entering of competitions, no nuisance phone calls, no joining of focus panels, no downloading of any apps, no liking of Facebook pages… Nada, zilch! And we’re not talking just one-off coupons or discount vouchers. This is the real thing, just plain good ol’ freebies from generous companies. Sounds too good to be true? But it is true!

Free Tea or Coffee Daily @ Waitrose

Waitrose Free Tea or Coffee

Many supermarkets and megastores here in the UK have their own loyalty card system where you collect points with each shop and then redeem these points at a later date for cash discounts. Different loyalty cards have run on different point values and cash values e.g. Every pound spent at Boots entitles you to four loyalty points (10 loyalty points on baby related products if you are a Parenting Club member) and each point has a cash value of one penny. Therefore, a shop of £13.87 will give you at least 52 points and that will be worth 52p in cash redemption. Some cards offer lesser point and cash value, other cards more. But the common thread between all these loyalty systems is that you need to first spend at least a pound to earn any points.

Waitrose Richmond Coffee Counter
Source: Google

Waitrose, however, has gone rogue and decided to do away with all points systems and simply offer complementary tea or coffee for all myWaitrose members, everyday of the week, with no minimum spending. So in essence, regardless of whether you’re shopping at Waitrose or not, you can simply pop into any branch, grab a free hot drink and continue on your way! And it looks like there is no limit to the number of accounts per household. So both the hubby and I can now each enjoy a free hot drink whenever we pass a Waitrose! You have a choice of English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Cappuccino, Long Black or Latte. Now what do you say to that? =p

Free Hot Drink at Caffé Nero Every Monday by Aviva

My Aviva App Monday Hot Drink
Source: Aviva

So with the above perk at Waitrose, you must be thinking, “Why would I bother then with this freebie at Caffé Nero? Anyways, there are so many more Waitroses around than Caffé Neros.” Ah… But this is where Aviva is slightly more generous in terms of their drinks selection.

Caffe Nero Luxury Hot Chocolate
Source: Google

If you hold an insurance policy with Aviva, you would be able to register an online account, which then allows you to download the MyAviva app on your smart phone. What this app does is generate a unique voucher code every Monday, which then allows you to claim a free hot drink at any Caffé Nero. All you have to do is flash the code at the till and you’re on your way!
So why does this freebie trumps the myWaitrose offer? It’s because you have a choice of even redeeming an Espresso, Standard Hot Chocolate or Caffe Nero’s signature Luxury Hot Chocolate, aside from the regular teas and coffees. I’m not sure about you, but in my book, a dark hot chocolate trumps any hot drink, any day!

Free Hot Drink and Cake Monthly @ John Lewis

You’d notice that the frequency of these offers is reducing as we move along – from daily, to weekly, to monthly. But this last freebie is still worth mentioning as it not only offers you a free hot drink, but you get to indulge in a free cake too!

John Lewis Free Cake & Coffee
Source: my John Lewis

John Lewis May 2015 Voucher

So with your first purchase at John Lewis, you will be eligible for a free my John Lewis membership that entitles you to a monthly prize draw with each shop plus monthly vouchers for a free hot drink and cake.

Chocolate Fudge Cake
Source: John Lewis

The fun bit about redeeming this voucher is that you’re always in for a pleasant surprise with their cakes selection as they continuously spice up their menu with new flavours each month. My favourite thus far has been the Chocolate Fudge Cake. It’s one big, fat, rich, gooey treat that you wouldn’t want to miss!


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