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Fancy A Savoury Muffin Recipe?

With limited food in the kitchen, we sometimes raid my mother’s fridge on Fridays so that we have ingredients for the weekend to whip up meals for baby V. Other times, we go grocery-shopping over the weekend for her meals on weekdays. Last week, she tried purple carrots and because a baby can only eat that much, mummy tries to make something different with the same ingredients that she’s had

I’ve been wanting to bake muffins and the likes, but the thought of getting different flours and ingredients set me back a little. It’s gonna get quite wasteful since we don’t have time to bake every other day. Maybe we shall start with something easy that requires less ingredients.

Was glad to chance upon a shared platform (My Baby Recipe), where mums post up their homemade recipes for their little bubs. I’ve learned much from these groups – Baby Led Weaning Singapore, Healthy Food for My Baby and Singapore Baby Weaning Support and these mummies really inspire and motivate me to get off my butt and head to the kitchen, always very willing to share (some even video to show “how-to’s” singlehandedly, with the other hand whipping something up. Kudos!!). With a quick search on muffins, I found one that seemed fuss-free and wouldn’t take too much time. And after trying, indeed it’s going into this noob cook mummy’s bag of tricks! :P

Savoury Egg Muffins
~makes 4 pieces

2 Eggs
Fresh shitake mushrooms – chopped
Purple carrots – sliced to preferred size
1 Cheese – we used Babybel Full Cream Soft Cheese. You may also opt for Cheddar or Parmesan for a crusty flavourful taste.
Olive oil/butter – optional

1) Beat egg. 1 egg yields about 2 muffins in a standard size muffin tray.

2) Place ingredients into muffin tray and pour egg over. Grease oil/butter on trays prior to baking if they aren’t non-stick types.

3) Bake at 160c for 20mins or till egg is cooked. Muffins edges will turn slightly brown too.


And, voila! Ready to serve. No flour or baking agents needed either! This is also a clever way to sneak veggies into your toddler’s meal if they don’t seem to like veggies neat.

– this recipe requires egg so do ensure that your bub is not allergic to them. Alternatively, bananas can also be used to replace eggs, and the same applies on the allergy part.
– besides eggs, the other ingredients are entirely up to you and that’s what makes it such a winner to me – customizable flexi recipes that work with minimal fretting over what is lacking – just add whatever you like! Just make sure there’s eggs!
– purple carrots tend to “purple-lise” everything they come in contact with, so it’s normal. Side note: poops will turn purple too… just thought I should share a heads-up. HEH!

Looks like blueberry tarts, eh? They reminded me of quiche minus the mushy insides.

So, how did the little one take to it? She was greedily stuffing her mouth and entertaining herself in our full length mirror! Lol!

This cheeky girl! Hope she’s a foodie like mummy!

This is a dummy recipe for keeps! Makes a quick treat even for parties too – tweak this version to include seasonings and herbs (you may wish to run the 3day rule for babies) and adults will enjoy the flavours, which will be really yummy too. Have fun and let us know how they turned out! :)

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