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Furniture Shopping Gets Easier!

Whether you are updating an existing home or planning the renovation works for a new home, hunting for the right furniture is part of beautifying your nest.

When we received the keys to our new flat several years ago, like most people, I voted to go with an interior designer (or commonly referred to as “ID”) for a one-stop person to settle the renovation as well as recommendation on furniture for our home. It’s an easy way out, and presumably takes up less time since we are both busy with work. The hub felt otherwise though, and confidently declared that he shall be the project manager to undertake this task of being the ID/architect/project coordinator/runner/furniture sourcer/lobang scourer all rolled into one, instead! I was surprised but soon understood his intentions of being involved in building something together – our own home – and being part of this experience can also be fun. I’ve to be honest, he was indeed very hands-on and serious about making our house a home to live in for long, and he spent several weekends at the “construction site” while works was going on. In between, we spent pockets of time shopping for furniture and driving around Singapore to visit different furniture stores/lighting stores/malls and that was how we enjoyed time working towards a home to truly call our own. At times, we even visited the same place more than twice, so that we could review our shortlisted options and consider more choices, and finally to purchase. But who’s complaining? We got to explore new food places and spend fruitful time creating our future together :)

While it’s not difficult to hop around in search of furniture, things can get easier! FurnitureSingapore.net is a one-stop resource platform that offers pointers to anyone looking for furniture and furnishings. Homeowners who are looking for a certain style of furniture for their home, can easily discover a host of furniture retailer options – both offline and online.

Build a cosy home with the cottage craft country furniture series.

If you’ve an idea of what you want but are not able to find it available at the shops, consider having custom made furniture and they can become a unique piece in your home.

How about customizing some chairs? We did that for our dining chairs in our own home, and it was easy!

For time-strapped folks or those who prefer to shop online, purchasing furniture and décor pieces can easily be done with some clicks. Browsing the selections are hassle-free too.

Shop online for furniture – convenience on-the-go!

Now that we have baby Vera in our family, we have several new unforeseen furniture lying around the home.

Manicure time by our in-house professional, Daddy! :)

What used to be a neat house is now somewhat adorned with baby’s toys, all parents are gonna agree on this for sure! :P Guess it’s time for us to hunt for storage options to “upgrade” the functionality and usability of some of our existing furniture to cater to our needs. Time to pull out our organizational skills for some decluttering plus furniture shopping!

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