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The New Year Beckons


Welcome to 2013! Hope the new year is treating you well! Apologies for the lack of updates… been a little caught up with several stuff going on.. was Maid of Honour for 2 BFFs who walked down the aisle in Nov and Dec, another 2 friends’ weddings to share the joy at, went on Bali-moon with the Mister plus several makan explorations, catch-up meals with different friends, Xmas partying with different groups… hahaha, sounding like Little Miss Busy. Still, thank you so much for the continuous support!!! :)

A quick flashback over the past couple of months:20130123-220951.jpgThe music legends, Air Supply, proved that they still have it in them, wow-ing the house with their powerful vocals. This British-Australian soft rock duo (Graham Russell as guitarist and singer-songwriter and Russell Hitchcock as lead vocalist) even came off-stage to shake hands! How personable, is that?! No airs! Erm.. no pun intended! Thereafter, we headed for supper at High Society, filling our tums with Smoked Salmon and Tiramisu, along with a pot of hot tea.
20130123-221019.jpgIt’s all about the eyes! Bought my first liquid eyeliner and the choice was Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner! After several use, it’s actually pretty good, I must say! Stays well on my oily lids (pencil and gel-in-pot types leave remnants on my undereyes!) and the colour is intense, just the way I likey! :)

A girlfriend went holidaying in TW and HK and kindly bought 3 jars of Dr Wu Intensive Hydrating Gel with Hyaluronic Acid back for me! Yahoo! Saved like 50%!? It’s $79.90 in SG… And hardly on promo.. Good buy! Love its lightweight texture, no oiliness so it’s great for our humid weather! Currently into my 4th jar :P

Tried the Leaders Insolution Hydrogel Gel Eye Therapy Patch to hydrate thy neglected peepers. Soft gel patches left an immediate cool and comfortable sensation, as they laid snuggly immediately upon application. Quite comfy, ‘cept that it seems to dry up quite quickly (or my skin was just too dehydrated?!).20130123-221117.jpgHub and I dined at MEN-ICHI JAPANESE RAMEN at NEX, and tried their specialty, Mentaiko Spaghetti, sometime in Dec. First visit to this biz that is also under the Ichiban group (home to our fave Ichibanboshi, Kuriya restaurants, Green Pumpkin (bakery) and CZ’ZAR (Singapore-inspired cuisine)). Not too bad for fusion pasta. Cosy setting, ideal for shy new couples :P

In Dec, the femme gang of a bride-to-be spearheaded a hen’s night, and we had a tummy stuffing session at Dulcet & Studio at Liang Court. Mushrooms are one of my faves and I dived into a creamy mushroom pasta with bacon. To be honest, the food was actually pretty bland (i donated the bacon away so that doesn’t come under purview) and the pasta wasn’t exactly al dente either. Heard they were only months old then, so cut them some slack and give them some time to get up to speed. Don’t take too long though.. diners remember…

November and December had me “marrying off” 2 BFFs… like a proud mother who had to hand them to the man in their lives, who vow to cherish them “for as long as both shall live”. Had the honour to be Maid-of-Honour for both wonderful ladies; one, a friend since we were both 7, the other is a friend since we were 17. We’ve come so far! *sniffs*

20130123-221141.jpgChristmas is one of my favourite months in the year. It’s one of the best times to organize gatherings/attend parties and how can we not enjoy gift shopping?! Totally enjoying getting gifts for our families, friends, colleagues! Gift exchanges are not to be missed too with the different groups of friends! What’s more, this year we were part of our gang’s Christmas Committee and being in charge of lucky draw prizes is the bomb! Working on a tight budget to take care of game t-shirts (Christmas Running Man, no less!), lucky draw prizes, entrance fees to Sentosa, catered dinner for 20ish pax was tiring but fun!


As we count our blessings in 2012 and look forward to a brand new year, let’s not forget the less fortunate and our loved ones around us. With the Lunar New Year only a couple of weeks away, do remember to allocate a simple effort to the folks who need a helping hand. It could be donating your pre-loved clothes and stuff to the Salvation Army (get rewarded with shopping vouchers, but this really shouldn’t be the main reason  for doing charity) or volunteering with special groups. There’s more to life than work and self-centred wants.

Have a happy and meaningful 2013, everyone! :)

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