Bangkok Escapade

So, we decided to utilize a Groupon Deal that was bought last year – our “try-to-make-it-annual” Bangkok trip was made possible with some coaxing and convincing of the Hub and the folks. Delayed departure was a slight dent to my excitement though, but was easily recovered upon shopping and eating :D I’m easy like that. *sheepish grin*

Sharing our daily food diary (except for a couple of meals that were devoured without snapping). Can’t get enough of BKK! Be warned: images may trigger hCL juices in your gastro intestinal systems :P


Dinner at Central World, On the Table. This cosy tokyo cafe serves up fusion dishes of Japanese and French.
From top: Thai Iced Tea, Iced Matcha Tea with Azuki, Baked Spinach, Barbecued Glazed Pork Chop, French Onion Soup, Carbonara Fettuccini, Lobster Seafood Linguini, Squid Ink Pasta and Teriyaki Unagi Sushi with Roe (there were 6pcs).
Food quality was pretty good, serving was just right and we didn’t wait too long considering that the cafe was packed and we were on a waiting list to get the table. In terms of prices, seem a little on the high side for the locals – it’s on-par with SG prices. The young gen Thais were spotted dining too, a reflection of evolving lifestyles which is a phenomenal global trend.


Breakfast was at a hotel directly opposite ours (we were residing at Park Plaza Soi 18, not to be confused with the other Park Plaza Hotel). Cafe was pretty packed with tourists and there was a Breakfast Buffet. We skipped that and went for ala carte which had choices from waffles, pancakes, omelettes (different fillings such as mushroom, cheese, ham etc). Hub and Dad had banana for sides with their mains of pancakes and waffles respectively (above pic). While Mum and I had omelette – mum chose ham and mushroom; I had cheese and ham. Food wasn’t too bad, service was a little slow; perhaps they were a little shorthanded. Warm ambience made it really cosy to enjoy a slow power-up boost before the battle ahead :P20120916-123736.jpg
After fueling up, Chatuchuk was ours to conquer! After miles of leg exercise and heat endurance, lunch was settled at a Thai seafood place which was mad crowded though it was 2-3ishpm. Very authentic street food style, affordable for tourists. Seating area was pretty cramped though and the service crew/kitchen crew kept forgetting my Thai Iced Tea:(

20120916-123803.jpgBreakfast the next day was at another hotel that’s a stone’s throw away; just along the street. A simple bakery with alfresco dining to soak in the morning air :) We had a bun each and mine was the crossan’wich! Itchy-mouthed Hub and I ordered the French Onion Soup in hope for hot savory liquids (okay, it was just me, the one with savoury tastebuds). Let’s just say, bakery and soups cooked from scratch don’t really go together…


The last day was spent at MBK trawling for local produce and snacks to bring home. Grand Canyon’s Coffee was a breakfast cove, with good cappuccino, sandwiches and spicy noodles which Hub had (not in pic)! Thereafter, the countdown timer was louder than before, as the seconds inched closer to departure time.

Tata, Bangkok! Hope to see you again soon! :)