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A Whiff of Summer

Summer heats hits us like a torched rod leaving sun-worshippers tanness, whilst the rest squirm in perspiration.

Fished out a brand new bottle from my modest fragrance collection – Summer Dive by Davidoff (Ltd Edition); a gift from the sista in recent years.

Ain’t your typical feminine notes, this concoction suits me just fine with its androgynous smell. Neither a fan of florals (think Estée Lauder Pleasures) nor “powdery” aroma (think Kenzo flower).

On a separate note: Click-shopping has bitten me! Yes, “add to cart” has seeped into my buying behavior. Yikes! Hassle-free convenience are plus points to boot. The Crimson Velvet is any gal’s walk-in wardrobe haven! Clothes, shoes, accessories, bags and even stuff for the boys (coming soon!) makes it a one-stop paradise! Received my online loots with prompt delivery after the Pre-order was closed and confirmed! Great service too.

The new clothes:

Put on a cape to instantly up that style factor. Fell in love with this piece for its versatility and it goes great with most clothes. Love the way it mirrors the silhouette yet adds an edge with the drapes. Will post up Outfit of the Day (OOTD) posts soon! :P

Peter Pan collars are in-trend, making this fire engine red dress a hot pick. The size fit me just right (yay!) and fabric was no cheapo, thin sort. Do look out for OOTD pics soon! :)

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